MNGT 354 - Strategic Entrepreneurship

Credits: 3

Students in this course will bridge the gap between entrepreneurial thought and practice by focusing on activities that must be carried out by a company within the framework of strategic entrepreneurship.  This framework highlights the activities that create, deliver, and capture value for an enterprise.  The course is designed to immerse students actively in the strategic entrepreneurial process with the objectives to reinforce and develop divergent thinking, analytical thinking, and communication skills.  This course will develop skills associated with opportunity recognition (convergent and divergent thinking) and feasibility analysis (market and financial analysis), and extend these to the development and communication of a business model in an atmosphere that is based on team collaboration and coaching.

Prerequisite(s): MNGT 352 , MNGT 353  for non-business majors; junior standing for business majors.

Term(s) Offered: Fall, Spring

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