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Post-Master's Certificate in Nursing Education

24 Credit hours (180 clinical hours)

MSN prepared nurses may apply for admission and receive a Post-Master’s Certificate in Nursing Education.  Admission to the post-master’s certificate program requires admission to USI Graduate Studies, which includes a copy of the MSN transcript and admission to the graduate nursing program.

Clinical Core (9 hours)

To complete the Post-Master’s Certificate, students must complete the Clinical Core within the last five years. Students can provide documentation of successful completion of the following areas or successfully complete the courses at USI:

  1. Pathophysiology (3 credit hours) or NURS 617 - Advanced Concepts of Pathophysiology 
  2. Advanced Health Assessment (3 credit hours) or NURS 618 - Advanced Health Assessment (must be taken through USI, transfer credit not accepted)
  3. Pharmacology (3 credit hours) or NURS 622 - Clinical Pharmacology for Advanced Practice Nurses 

Additionally, the following specialty courses must be completed successfully at USI:

Nursing Education (15 hours)

Course NameCredits:Term TakenGradeGen Ed
NURS 671 - Curriculum Development for the Nurse Educator
Term(s) Offered: Fall
Credits: 4
NURS 672 - Teaching Strategies for the Nurse Educator
Term(s) Offered: Spring
Credits: 4
NURS 673 - Evaluation Strategies for the Nurse Educator
Term(s) Offered: Summer
Credits: 3
NURS 678 - Nurse Educator Role Integration
Term(s) Offered: Summer
Credits: 4

NOTE about Clinical Core:

For students seeking the Post-Master’s Certificate in Nursing Education, review of the pathophysiology, advanced health assessment, and pharmacology courses will be complete on an individual level. Students may be required to complete all or selected courses in pathophysiology, advanced  health assessment, and pharmacology.