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2011-2013 Undergradate & Graduate Bulletin 
2011-2013 Undergradate & Graduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED PUBLICATION]

Social Science Teaching Major, B.A./B.S.

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Students seeking a bachelor’s degree in social science teaching and licensure as a senior high/junior high/middle school (grades 5 through 12) social studies teacher will be advised by members of the History Department. Under the current program, which meets the State of Indiana requirements for licensure, all students will complete fields in history (which includes both U.S. and world history) and government; they will select an additional teaching field from the following: economics, psychology, and sociology. Thus, all program completers will qualify for licensure in at least three areas: history, government, and one of the following – economics, psychology, or sociology. Three components comprise each program leading to Indiana certification as a secondary teacher. These components are: University Core Curriculum (51 hours). Review requirements for the University Core Curriculum printed elsewhere in this bulletin.

Professional Education (courses taught by the Bower-Suhrheinrich College of Education and Human Services necessary to meet state licensing requirements). Review appropriate sections elsewhere in this bulletin under the Bower-Suhrheinrich College of Education and Human Services. Academic content areas in history, government, and one of the following: economics, psychology, or sociology (60 credit hours).

Program Admission Requirements

The social science secondary education major does not provide comprehensive certification to teach social studies in Indiana. Licensing is based on teaching areas instead. After successful completion of 45 hours of course work, candidates for certification must submit an application for admission to the teacher education program. Application materials are available in the Bower-Suhrheinrich College of Education and Human Services office. The application process includes a formal interview with faculty in teaching areas and submission of additional written materials. Admission requirements also include 1) passing scores on Praxis I, a basic skills test of reading, writing, and math; and 2) a cumulative GPA of 2.75 as well as a GPA of 2.75 in each teaching field and in education courses.

NOTE: These minimum GPA requirements also apply to admission to student teaching and program completion. Review the College of Liberal Arts Teacher Certification Policy  at the beginning of the Liberal Arts section of this bulletin for further information.

Social Science Teaching Major (60 hours)

Requirements for the Major

B. (9 hours)


Students must take one course from each of the three categories listed above

  • no more than three of these nine hours may be at the 200-level
  • no more than six of these nine hours may be in one discipline (History or Political Science)

D. (12 hours)

In one of the following disciplines: economics, psychology, or sociology



The following courses are excluded from the list of electives: PSY 261 , PSY 362 , PSY 498 , and PSY 499 .



The following courses are excluded from the list of electives: SOC 200 , SOC 225 , SOC 391 , SOC 392 , SOC 489 , and SOC 499 .

E. (12 additional hours)

(Courses in this section may not count toward an additional teaching area)

Core Curriculum

Required core courses for Social Science Secondary Education Major:

A1. Composition and Speech – ENG 101  and ENG 201 ; CMST 101  or CMST 107  9 hours
A2. MATH 111  4 hours
B1. Ethics 3 hours
B2. The Arts 3 hours
B3. Health and Fitness 2 hours
C1. History – HIST 101  or HIST 102  or HIST 111  or HIST 112  3 hours
C2. Individual Development and Social Behavior: EDUC 302 required; POLS 102  recommended 6 hours
C3. Science – one of which must be a laboratory course 8-9 hours
C4. Western Culture 6 hours
C5. Global Communities: ANTH 251 , ANTH 255 , GEOG 330  or POLS 271  recommended 3 hours
D. Synthesis – EDUC 448  3 hours
  • 51 credit hours; University Core Curriculum (12 of which are included in the 60 semester hours major)
  • 44 credit hours; Education component
  • 143 total credit hours

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