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2015-2016 Graduate Bulletin 
2015-2016 Graduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED PUBLICATION]

Student Life

Emphasis at the University is on learning, including the learning which occurs beyond the classroom and laboratory. A wide variety of organizations and activities, plus numerous cultural opportunities, contribute to the total education of a student. More than 100 student organizations provide co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and represent a wide range of interests, including academic/professional organizations, programming, political, religious, multicultural, special interest, service, sororities and fraternities, honor societies, student government, and music and drama groups. 

Activities Programming Board

The Activities Programming Board (APB), composed of numerous committees, is responsible for programming student activities for the campus community. Cinema USI (movies),  lectures, musical performances, novelty events, comedians, and Homecoming are just a few events coordinated by APB. For more information on APB’s activities or how to become a member, visit the web site at or follow them on Twitter @usiapb. 

Career Services and Internships

An integral part of the University, the Office of Career Services and Internships complements and supplements curricular programs by providing career coaching and employment assistance to students and active alumni from all academic disciplines. The primary mission of the office is to assist students in transitioning from the academic environment to the professional workplace.  To achieve this mission, the Office of Career Services and Internships professionals meet with students in individual appointments as well as working closely with academic departments, student organizations, and Student Affairs departments to provide programs and presentations that encourage and educate students in obtaining internships and professional employment.

The University encourages all students to participate in an experiential education activity prior to graduating and an internship or cooperative education (co-op) experience provides this opportunity. These professional practice programs offer an opportunity for students to integrate classroom learning with career-related work experience in both the public and private sector. Although many are paid positions, the primary value of an internship or cooperative education experience is the opportunity to clarify career goals, gain practical experience, and establish contacts with professional colleagues. Internships and co-ops are competitive and Career Services assists students from all majors in conducting an effective search. The office also provides ongoing support to students during the internship or co-op and facilitates documentation of the student’s experience.

To be eligible for participation in most co-op or internship opportunities, students must have a grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.0 and must have completed at least 32 credit hours. Transfer students must have attended the University for one full semester. Requirements for students from certain academic disciplines are more stringent, requiring that particular classes be completed before eligibility can be met.

Internships most frequently are completed during a student’s junior or senior year, or after the first year of graduate school, and most University internship courses allow students to earn up to three credit hours by working a specified number of worksite hours.  The co-op program offers two distinctly different patterns of study and work: alternate and parallel. The alternate pattern requires students to alternate semesters of full-time work with semesters of full-time study. The parallel pattern offers part-time work experience over an extended period of time while students maintain a minimum academic load. Because each program option benefits each student differently, programs are individually tailored to meet student and employer needs.

Upon admittance to the University, undergraduates seeking employment may receive job referrals to both on- and off-campus positions through Career Services and Internships. Part-time jobs and summer employment opportunities listed with this office allow all students, regardless of financial need, to earn money to support their education.

Students who have completed, or who will be completing, a degree program within the next calendar year are advised to meet with a Career Services and Internships professional for assistance with job search strategy for post-graduation professional employment. There is a professional staff member dedicated to working with each of the University’s colleges. In addition, workshops and informal “meetups” emphasize the identification of individual marketable skills and assist with resume development, interview preparation, employer networking, and general job search strategy.  The department also facilitates online career communities that allow students and alumni to participate in discussions and obtain information via social media.

Students and graduates are strongly encouraged to use their account in Eagle Career Launch, the online job listing and recruiting system exclusively for USI students and graduates. All students have an active account once they are admitted to the University and are advised to routinely use the system, as well as store up-to-date resumes in their accounts. All opportunities, including part-time, summer, co-op, internships, and full-time professional positions are listed in Eagle Career Launch and include positions with local, regional, and national employers.

Career Services and Internships serves a vital employer relations role for the University by maintaining an extensive database of contacts, routinely meeting and communicating with employers, and planning and facilitating events such as career and job fairs and networking events for students and employers.

Career Services and Internships maintains an extensive web site of career and job resources including job listings, a virtual practice interview program, and general information about careers and jobs. A career resource library in the office contains printed materials covering such diverse topics as career and occupational information, job search techniques, and recruiting events. Computers also are available for resume writing and job research activities.

Information regarding the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), the entrance exam frequently required for admission to graduate programs, may be obtained by contacting Career Services and Internships or the Graduate Studies Office. Career Services also assists with personal statements for graduate school application, as well as practice with admission interviews.

Students at all levels of academic study, from freshmen through seniors and graduate students, are encouraged to meet with Career Services and Internships professionals and take advantage of the career, internship, and job search services provided.

Center for International Programs

The primary mission of the Center for International Programs is to enhance the international dimensions of the University and to facilitate opportunities for all students to acquire skills necessary to succeed in a global society. The center is responsible for international recruitment and retention and the delivery of information, services, and programs designed to meet the unique needs of international students and scholars.

The center also is responsible for the development and administration of the Intensive English Program (IEP), USI study abroad programs in 60 countries. Students obtain USI credit for coursework completed through an approved study abroad program;  program fees are billed through USI, which enables students to apply most types of financial aid and scholarships to the study abroad program costs.  Students should plan well in advance of the term they plan to study abroad, to determine how the coursework completed overseas will count toward the USI degree program. 

In addition, the center organizes weekly events for the Global Community Program in Ruston Hall and works closely with the International Club and other organizations on campus to provide activities and programs designed to increase international awareness, acceptance, and understanding of peoples and cultures from all corners of the globe.  Further information on the programs and services and a detailed calendar of international events can be found on the Center for International Programs homepage

Counseling Center

It is normal for people to struggle at challenging times, and the Counseling Center is here to help.  The Counseling Center offers individual therapy, group therapy, and substance abuse assessments to currently enrolled students. All services are supported by tuition and student fees, and students do not need to pay extra to access counseling services.  However, students found responsible for certain violations of the Code of Student Behavior may be charged an additional administrative fee for a Substance Use Assessment. 

The Counseling Center is here to help USI students develop the personal awareness and skills necessary to overcome problems, make effective decisions and grow and develop in ways that will allow them to maximize their total educational experience at the University of Southern Indiana. The Counseling Center’s services are another form of learning whereby students learn how to relate effectively to others, understand and cope with emotions, set appropriate goals, make healthy decisions, resolve inner conflicts, develop independence and increase self-confidence. Through counseling and the various presentations and workshops that are offered, the Counseling Center helps students fulfill their hopes, dreams and potentials in their journey of life-long learning.

Students may call the Counseling Center at 812-464-1867 or stop by the office in the Orr Center, Room 1051, to make an appointment. Except in very limited circumstances, all information shared with counselors is kept private and confidential. Referrals are offered when students have needs that are beyond the role and/or scope of services available. Additional information and resources can be found on the Counseling Center’s website:

Dean of Students Office (DOSO)

The mission of the Dean of Students Office (DOSO) is to enhance academic achievement, social integration, and overall transition to USI by supporting student success at USI and in their local, regional, and global communities.  The DOSO staff is here to help students succeed at the University by connecting them to resources, assisting them as they navigate administrative processes with other University offices and serve as advocates when student face academic and personal challenges.  We provide support during times of challenge, crisis, and emergencies, as well as opportunities for students to engage in good decision-making.  

The DOSO strives to empower all students to discover, pursue, and achieve their personal and educational goals. In addition, we serve as primary student advocates offering and promoting collaborative programs and services in collaboration with Academic Affairs and other Student Affairs offices.  We do this by assisting students in the resolution of problems, providing information about and referral to campus resources, and promoting institutional initiatives that address students’ needs and interests. We also serve as a resource for faculty and staff, as well as parents and families, in supporting student retention, graduation, and overall success at USI.

See Student Rights and Responsibilities: A Code of Student Behavior  and visit for additional resources  The Dean of Students Office can be reached by calling 812-464-1862 or email

Dining Facilities

The University dining facilities are operated by Sodexo Campus Services. Dining options are offered in Burger King, Archie’s Pizzeria, Sub Connection, Salsa Rico, and Cyclone Salads on the main floor of the University Center.  The Loft and The Sweets Spot Bakery are located on the upper level of the University Center, and Starbucks is in Rice Library. In addition, Sodexo operates Eagle Express Convenience Store, located in the Residence Life Community Center, Red Mango in the Wright Administration Building, and two Simply To Go units with sandwiches, salads, and beverages: one in the Liberal Arts Building and one in the Health Professions/Science Center link. Catering services are available for meetings, programs, and events. For additional information on meal plans, catering services, or employment opportunities, contact the food service office, UC 019, 812-464-1859, or visit us on the web at

Disability Resources

 Disability resources are offered through the Counseling Center to help students overcome or compensate for obstacles related to a physical, emotional, or learning disability. Some of the resources available to students include: assistance in obtaining alternative textbooks, test accommodations, sign language interpreter services, note-taker supplies, referral to an academic coach and peer tutoring, access to resource literature, and referral to community agencies. Staff assist faculty by distributing information through group educational presentations and individual consultations, and by coordinating with other offices to ensure provision of reasonable and appropriate accommodations to students with disabilities.

For example, the University ensures that sign language interpreter services will be provided at no cost to hearing-impaired students who require this service in order to benefit from and participate in their educational programs.

To facilitate the availability of staff and funds, students are asked to register for the disability resources in the Orr Center, room 1051, at least 60 days prior to date needed, and must provide specific professional documentation of need. 812-464-1961 or TTY/TTD 812-465-7072. 

Housing and Residence Life 

Housing and Residence Life provides on-campus accommodations for approximately 2,800 students.  The department is committed to supporting and enhancing the educational mission of USI by providing programs, services, staffing, and facilities that support academic success. Students live in quality facilities, including one- and two-bedroom furnished apartments with full-size kitchens, as well as two-bedroom, two-bath residence hall suites.  While our residence halls are for freshmen only, we serve freshmen through graduate students in our apartment areas.  

Housing facilities also provide several amenities within the apartment areas, including

  • full-size kitchens
  • basic expanded cable service
  • local phone service
  • Internet access including both wired and wireless connections
  • computer areas in our Residence Life Center and the Residence Life Community Center
  • fully furnished apartments
  • campus and community shuttle service
  • air conditioning
  • laundry facilities with in McDonald West and O’Daniel South apartment complexes
  • convenience store
  • all utilities
  • on-site 24-hour security provided by Public Safety
  • 24-hour on-site staff supervision 

Housing and Residence Life has numerous leadership opportunities for our residents. We invite you to get involved with your community and meet many great people on campus. Getting involved at USI makes the most of your time here and is a fun way to meet others who want to make a difference on campus. Getting involved is also a great way to learn leadership skills. Check out all that we have to offer! 

Student Housing Association (SHA) and the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) are each student organizations within Housing. Each group has their own executive board, goals and purpose. SHA is open to all housing residents. NRHH is an invitation-only student organization that recognizes the top 1% of students in Housing. 

Housing and Residence Life also offers leadership opportunities as a job! We hire resident assistants, desk assistants, program assistants and night clerks throughout the year. 

For more information, contact the Housing and Residence Life office at 812-468-2000,, or visit the Housing and Residence Life web site at

Multicultural Center

The University of Southern Indiana’s Multicultural Center enhances the personal and academic success of students by preparing them to be responsible citizens in a multicultural society. The goals of the Center are to:

  • Foster and provide a warm, welcoming, supportive, and inclusive environment for diverse populations at USI;
  • encourage, promote, and assist the academic and social integration of underrepresented students into the University through programs and services offered by the Center and through partnerships with other campus entities;
  • create opportunities for cultural interaction between students, the campus and the community at large to promote cultural awareness and sensitivity; and
  • provide outreach opportunities to underrepresented groups and underserved communities to seek higher education.

The Vision Statement for the Center is to develop diversity awareness within students to build a bridge between college life and future multicultural experiences. 

Recreation, Fitness, and Wellness

The Recreation, Fitness, and Wellness Department is the combination of the intramural sports, fitness, and student wellness programs. The University encourages the lifelong pursuit of an active, healthy lifestyle, and enhances student development by providing healthy activities, as well as leadership and employment opportunities. The offices are located in the Recreation, Fitness, and Wellness Center (RFWC).

Recreation and Fitness — Recreation and Fitness offers programs designed to promote a healthy lifestyle and meet the physical, social, spiritual, intellectual, and emotional needs of students and employees. Some of the services and programs provided by Recreation and Fitness include fitness consultations, facility orientations, group exercise classes, incentive programs, bike and camping equipment checkout, and open recreation. The RFWC also includes a lobby with computers, a game room, and a climbing center.  A valid USI Eagle Access card is required to participate. Guest passes are available for purchase at the RFWC welcome desk. Recreation and Fitness staff can be reached in the Recreation, Fitness, and Wellness Center, or by calling 812-461-5268.

Intramural Sports — The Intramural Sports program offers a wide array of recreational activities which provide competition suitable for students regardless of physical capabilities. Participation in the intramural, special events, and outdoor adventure programs enriches social relationships, develops an understanding of sports, and aids physical and mental improvement. Intramural staff can be reached in the Recreation, Fitness, and Wellness Center or by calling 812-461-5268.

Student Wellness — The Student Wellness program develops, implements, and coordinates health and wellness education activities for the University community. The staff of Student Wellness is located in the Recreation, Fitness, and Wellness Center, 812-461-5483.

USI Recreation facilities include —

  Recreation and Fitness Center  
  Physical Activities Center  
  Broadway Recreational Complex  
  Screaming Eagles Valley Complex (disc golf)  
  RFW outdoor basketball and sand volleyball courts  
  Clarke Lane field  
  Foundation field  
  Tennis courts  
  Running/walking trails  

Religious Life

Religious Life provides religious guidance and worship opportunities for students, faculty, and staff, and is located in the O’Daniel Apartment complex (corner of O’Daniel Lane and Clark Lane). Its goal is to communicate ways to stay active in faith life while at USI. To find out more about the religious organizations on campus and area worship information, go to

Scripps Howard Video Complex

The Scripps Howard Video Complex houses a television production facility and the student cable television channel, SETV-12. The facility includes a fully equipped, three-camera television studio, camcorders for field shooting, and Apple computers for video editing. Student productions include the live newscast Access USI, USI home basketball game telecasts, entertainment shows, and Radio/Television class assignments. SETV-12 airs these programs along with movies and student organization announcements.

Student Development Programs

(Student Organizations, O’Daniel Leadership Programs, Orientation, Fraternity and Sorority Life, Student Activities, Activities Programming Board, and First Year @ USI)

Student Development Programs promotes student learning by providing leadership education, avenues for involvement, and personal growth opportunities to develop responsible individuals as engaged members of their communities. They assist students in their transition to the University and college life through the development and coordination of new, transfer, and adult student orientation, Welcome Week, and other transition programs. The staff coordinates, advises, and supports the growth and development of over 140 student organizations, that represent a wide range of interests, including academic/professional organizations, programming, political, religious, multicultural, special interest, service, sororities, and fraternities, honor societies.  These organizations provide co-curricular and extra-curricular activities for students. This department fosters an active and comprehensive campus experience through encouraging students to get involved. The staff trains students to become effective campus leaders and prepare them for leadership roles in their communities through the O’Daniel Leadership Programs. Based on the philosophy that people will be called upon to be leaders at some point in their life, USI created the Joseph E. O’Daniel Leadership Program. It is designed to enhance the personal and professional skills long associated with leaders: initiative and motivation, goal setting, communication, critical thinking, problem solving, self-confidence, teamwork, conflict management, and self-assessment. The leadership programs challenge and empower students to become aware of their leadership skills and help them feel confident in their ability to lead and make changes.  Programs include Emerging Leaders, Camp Eagle, Student Leader Retreat, educational leadership events, and annual leadership awards.

Student Development Programs is located in University Center East and can be reached at 812-465-7167, or visit the web site at

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the representative body of currently-enrolled students. It is composed of elected members of the student population and includes an executive board, six administrative vice-presidents, 22 representatives from the four academic colleges, 17 members at large, and a seven-member University Court. SGA serves as the voice of all students to the Board of Trustees, faculty, administration, and USI community. All students, by virtue of their registration at the University of Southern Indiana, are members of SGA and are encouraged to attend General Assembly meetings and serve on SGA committees. For more information, visit the web site at or email  

The Shield

The Shield, a student publication and designated public forum provides opportunities for students to gain experience in reporting, writing, design, photography, and sales. The Shield’s print edition is available at more than two dozen locations across campus every Thursday during the fall and spring semesters and online every day at Students from all disciplines are welcome to apply for staff and management positions in the editorial or sales and marketing departments.  Apply at or in person in The Shield office in the lower level of UC East. 

University Health Center

The University Health Center offers acute and minor care, contraceptive counseling and birth control options, immunizations, allergy injections, pregnancy tests, laboratory testing, physicals, STD diagnosis and treatment and other medical procedures.  Services needed beyond the scope of the Health Center are accessible through our referral network.  The Health Center is staffed by Deaconess Health System employees including a nursing staff, a Nurse Practitioner and a Doctor. The Health Center is a first come first serve walk in clinic available to all students, faculty and staff of USI.  The Health Center also offers a limited pharmacy on site with prices ranging from $5 - $20.  The Health Center is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm and is located on the lower level of the Health Professionals building in room 0091.  To reach the UHC call 812-465-1250, email at or via fax at 812-465-7170.  Additional information and resources can be found on the University Health Center’s website:


 WSWI – The Edge, an award winning non-commercial radio station, is owned and operated by the University. The Edge can be heard on multiple platforms, including 820-AM, 90.7 FM HD-2, the edgeradio. org, channel 12 in student housing and on smartphones. The station’s main format is alternative rock, and plays Dubstep at night on Hip-Hop on the weekends, and also news and sports. Students from all disciplines are welcome to be a part of The Edge’s programming. Positions are available for disc jockey, news writing and reporting, sports broadcasting, marketing, promotion, and underwriting.