POLS 316 - Religion and Politics

Credits: 3

Religion and politics are deeply intertwined in contemporary America, as evidenced by heated and often highly partisan debates over social and economic issues. This course will examine the relationship between religion and political life from theological and historical perspectives. It will examine 1) the world views of major religions toward current political phenomena and the role that formal religious groups play in shaping policy, 2) the extent to which individuals' religious beliefs effect their political behaviors and its impact on electoral politics, and 3) the role of politics and public policy in regulating and influencing the behavior of religious individuals and organizations. The course will focus on American politics with implications for political systems around the world.

USI Core 39: Ways of Knowing - Social Inquiry; Social Science-BS; Embedded Experience-Diversity

Prerequisite(s): POLS 102   or POLS 104  or consent of instructor.

Term(s) Offered: Every other year

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