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2015-2016 Graduate Bulletin 
2015-2016 Graduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED PUBLICATION]

Master of Science in Industrial Management

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Program Objectives

The graduate degree program in industrial management is designed to accommodate either of two objectives: increasing the breadth of an individual’s education in various technical fields related to industrial management; or increasing the depth of education in a single technical specialty related to industrial management. The program should meet the needs of the employed individual who either seeks additional knowledge in subject areas that were not covered in his or her undergraduate degree program or desires to extend the knowledge acquired as an undergraduate or through employment experience. The primary purpose of the program is to provide knowledge of management concepts and modern technical innovations as applied to technically based enterprises.

Admission Requirements

This master’s degree program is intended for engineers, technologists, and scientists who are currently employed and who expect to be working in managerial positions which involve responsibility for manufacturing, design, production, and material-handling functions in a variety of technical and industrial enterprises. Applicants who have completed an undergraduate degree program in engineering or engineering technology with a GPA of 2.5 or better (on a 4.0 scale) will be admitted unconditionally. Applicants who have completed undergraduate degree programs in other areas will be considered for admission, but a preparatory phase of up to 18 credit hours may be required in order to prepare properly for the graduate program course work. Courses required in the preparatory program can be tailored to meet the needs and objectives of individual students.

Because this degree program is intended primarily for employed individuals, all course offerings are made available in the evenings. Students can expect to enroll in a maximum of two courses per semester for the fall and spring semesters and one course during the summer. Thus, it is possible to complete the program in two calendar years assuming continuous enrollment at the maximum level. However, it is more realistic to expect that three calendar years will be required to complete the degree requirements.


The degree requirements include 33 hours of course work. A core of 15 hours comprising courses in industrial management, project management, operations systems analysis and modeling, analytical techniques for economic evaluation, and capstone graduate project are required of all students. An additional 18 hours of approved supporting or elective courses complete the course requirements. Elective courses allow specialization in areas such as industrial safety, ergonomics, manufacturing systems analysis, decision sciences, marketing, and finance.

The elective course offerings and potential areas of specialization will permit students to tailor the program to meet specific professional development objectives without compromising relevance to current and prospective occupational responsibilities.

All core courses and required preparatory courses must be completed at the University of Southern Indiana unless a waiver is granted upon admission to the program. Elective courses may be offered in cooperation with other institutions or may be completed at other institutions provided that approval is obtained in advance from the student’s graduate study advisor.

Electives (18 hours)

Electives may be chosen from the following list to augment the core curriculum in any combination which meets the student’s needs for career advancement, provided that in no case may the combination of core courses and chosen electives for any student include more than 15 hours of courses from among the offerings of the Romain College of Business.


Electives may be chosen from graduate courses not listed above, provided the chosen courses are approved in advance by the student’s faculty advisor and by the MSIM program director.

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