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2017 Spring Class Schedule 
2017 Spring Class Schedule [ARCHIVED PUBLICATION]

Online Registration; myUSI

Online Registration

Students access the Self Service area of myUSI (my.usi.edu) to register for courses and maintain their schedule. The University strives to provide online registration as often as possible, although financial aid/billing procedures and other academic policies can impact availability. Refer to the Registration Calendar  for a schedule of availability. Students should speak with their advisor prior to online registration to review their course selection and progress toward graduation.

On the final day of any registration, schedule revision, or withdrawal period, system availability will end at 4:30 p.m. (Central Time)

Accessing Online Registration

To expedite the process, be prepared! Identify the courses you wish to request: create a worksheet and write down the five-digit Course Reference Number (CRN) for each class. In case your first choices are not available, have alternate choices (and their CRNs) ready. When using myUSI to view course lists, the five-digit CRN appears on the left-hand side of the course information line. In the following example (not a real course offering), the CRN is 12345…

12345  ENG 101.001  3.0  Rhet&Comp I:Literacy/Self   MWF  08:00am-08:50am  Smith, Tom  LA 2001

Initiate the process only when the desired function is available; refer to the Registration Calendar  for a schedule of availability. When ready, visit my.usi.edu and log in with your username and password. Click the Self Service icon on the dashboard, then Student, then Registration.

Registration Menu and Functions

The following list provides details about some of the menu options and functions used for online registration and schedule revisions. Read it thoroughly before beginning. Visit www.usi.edu/registrar/registration for a myUSI registration tutorial (PDF) with screen images.

  • Select Term: choose the appropriate term for the transaction
  • Degree Evaluation (under the Student Records menu): run a degree audit for your currently declared program or run a “what-if” audit for another major; view the requirements for the program, progress toward completion, and valid course options
  • Registration Status: check for any registration holds and view your academic standing, classification, declared major, and earned hours totals
  • Look Up Classes: search courses by subject, meeting days (MWF or TR, etc.), meeting times (i.e. between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.), session length (full term, second bi-term, etc.), or UCC category (attributes), and check the number of seats remaining. Click on a CRN to view section details (then clicking on the course title/link displays any prerequisites, restrictions, and lab fees). During available registration and schedule revision periods, select the check-box in front of the CRN of the desired section(s). Clicking Register will attempt to add the course(s) to your schedule of classes; clicking Add to Worksheet lets you create a “wish list” of courses, but you are not enrolled until you submit the list.
  • Add or Drop Classes: used to register for a term or change your schedule (either add or drop, or simultaneously drop and add). To drop a course, use the Action drop-down box beside the course(s) you wish to drop and select ‘drop.’ To quickly add multiple classes, enter the desired five-digit CRNs as found in the printed schedule, or perform a class search to find courses online. Click submit to view the results of any attempted transaction. If a section is available by PERMISSION ONLY (it has a ‘cap’ size of zero), contact the department of the course to inquire about possible enrollment. If permission is granted, the department must post an override to your account. Once it is in place, register by entering the CRN on the Add or Drop Classes page.
  • Waitlist: if a course is full, students may have the option to add themselves to a waitlist. Courses utilizing a waitlist appear under the class search with a waitlist capacity (WL CAP) greater than zero; WL ACT shows the number of students currently on the waitlist. To add yourself to a waitlist, go to Add or Drop Classes, enter the CRN of the desired course, and click Submit Changes. A waitlist message will appear under Status; use the Action drop-down box beside the course to select Waitlist, then click Submit Changes. Once you place yourself on a waitlist, you are responsible for checking your myUSI Eagles email daily. If a seat becomes available, you will be notified by email of how much time you have to register for the class (24 hours). If you do not register for the section within the time period indicated, you will be dropped from the waitlist and the next student on the list will be notified. Visit www.usi.edu/registrar/registration/waitlist for more information.
  • Registration Fee Assessment: your current balance, including an account summary of specific semester charges and credits. NOTE: use the View Bills/Pay Online link from the Student Account menu to access your USI Express Pay bill and pay online.
  • Concise Student Schedule: your courses in a list, including title, credit hours, meeting days/times/dates and location, and instructor name.
  • Week at a Glance: your courses for the week, shown in a day/time grid (or jump to another calendar date).

Schedule Planner - NEW!!

Schedule Planner streamlines online registration and helps students build their ideal class schedule. It integrates with DegreeWorks and is accessible from both PC and mobile devices. Students access the planner from their myUSI account. After logging in, click “Student” then “Registration,” then select “Schedule Planner” from the list.

Schedule Planner allows you to add desired courses, then add any “breaks” or segments of time that you don’t want classes (such as athletic practice or work hours). You can also lock in must-have sections. Schedule Planner will then generate all possible schedule variations to choose from, and you can save one or more “favorite” schedules. When it’s your day to register, check that your desired classes have open seats and choose “Send to Shopping Cart.” From the cart, click “Register” to complete the registration process and confirm the results of the transaction. Refer to the Schedule Planner Help page for video tutorials.

What is myUSI?

myUSI is a portal for accessing many University of Southern Indiana online services with one login ID. myUSI (my.usi.edu) offers self-service for students, faculty, employees, and alumni. The self-service area provides access to your unofficial transcript, grades, degree evaluation, registration, schedule revisions, and much more. You also may pay bills, request an enrollment verification or official transcript, and update your current address through the system.

myUSI’s FAQ site (https://my.usi.edu/web/mycampus/myusi-faq) will answer many questions about how to use the site. Use the search function on this page to find information about common myUSI activities. If you have additional questions, contact the Information Technology help desk at 812-465-1080 or send an email to the myUSI support staff at IT@usi.edu.

Accessing Services

To access myUSI, visit my.usi.edu, or click the myUSI link in the upper right on the USI homepage (www.usi.edu). You will need your myUSI username and password to log in.

Upon admission to the University, a myUSI password is assigned to each student. Within a few weeks of acceptance, students should receive a mailing that includes their default assigned password. Retain your password for future use. With your password in hand, you can always find your username from the myUSI login page (my.usi.edu) by following the link provided. If you should happen to forget your password, contact the Information Technology help desk for assistance; 812-465-1080.


Because myUSI provides access to student records, it is important to ensure that no unauthorized use or misuse occurs. It is extremely important that your password remains confidential. DO NOT GIVE YOUR PASSWORD TO ANYONE (including family members)!

Your myUSI session is designed to time out automatically after a period of inactivity, and an alert message may appear. If you are finished with your session, log out and then close ALL your browsers for security purposes. If you are not finished, click the OK button to stay logged in.

Always remember to log out and close ALL your browsers when you are finished accessing myUSI.

If you tamper with a student’s enrollment, you are subject to disciplinary action, up to and including suspension of your student status. If you believe your enrollment has been tampered with, go to the Registrar’s Office in the Orr Center.

Email Service

Eagles Mail is the university email service provided to all USI students. New students are assigned an email address upon admission to the University. Student email addresses are based on myUSI usernames. If your username is sjsmith10, then your email address is sjsmith10@eagles.usi.edu.

Email Forwarding

Important mail from your instructors and the University will be sent to your USI email account so it is imperative that you access your USI email on a regular basis. If you prefer to use an email account other than the one provided you by USI, you can forward your USI email to a functioning account that you access regularly. Instructions for forwarding your email can be found in the myUSI FAQ at media.myusi.org/myusifaq. If you forward to a non-functioning or non-existent email account, you could potentially lose important email messages. It is your responsibility to periodically test the forward to see that it works.

myUSI Self Service and Site Navigation

myUSI offers many services to students, including web registration and schedule revisions, email, Blackboard, and more. After logging in to myUSI, you will see the following:

  • Announcements section
  • Dashboard section with icons to open:
    – Self Service (see below)
    – Blackboard
    – Eagles Mail
    – Logout button

Selecting the SELF SERVICE icon from the dashboard gives you access to the following:

Personal Information

  • Update mailing addresses and phone, next of kin, and marital status; view email address(es)


  • Registration (refer to the Online Registration section for detailed menu options)
  • Student Records
    – View holds, view grades (by semester), view unofficial transcript, request official transcript, run a degree evaluation (degree audit and evaluation of transfer credits), academic advisor (View Student Information), request Enrollment Verification
  • Student Account
    – Account summaries, statement history, view bills/pay online, direct deposit enrollment

Financial Aid

  • Personal financial aid information; application and information links

Always remember to log out and close ALL your browsers when you are finished accessing myUSI.