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2013-2014 Undergradate & Graduate Bulletin 
2013-2014 Undergradate & Graduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED PUBLICATION]

Other University Offices and Services

Office of Alumni and Volunteer Services

In cooperation with the USI Alumni Association, this office coordinates a variety of programs and services to benefit alumni and students. Anyone who has completed one semester’s work on the campus is entitled to membership in the Alumni Association. Active members play a leading role in the success of USI through career networking, mentoring, recruiting, and volunteering.

This office is the liaison with the USI Student Alumni Association (SAA), which provides a link for students to work with the Alumni Association. SAA is a student-run organization committed to promoting and supporting the establishment of traditions at USI. Members have an opportunity to network with alumni and gain valuable leadership skills while working on SAA programs and activities.

Volunteering at USI has something for everyone–it is a rewarding way to share talents and abilities or develop new skills. Volunteer USI opportunities are available within the University as well as in the Evansville community. Students, faculty, staff, student organizations, or members of the community can assist with one-time events, short-term assignments, ongoing commitments, or be on call as needed.

The USI Parents & Families Association helps to involve families in the life of the University. It also serves as a resource for parents and families. A gift of $25 to the Parents & Families Association helps support various activities for parents, families, and students, such as Parents & Families Weekend, the Eagle Roundup picnic, and the Camp Eagle parent sessions.

For additional information, call 812/464-1924 or visit,,, and

Career Services and Placement

An integral part of the University, the Office of Career Services and Placement complements and supplements curricular programs by providing career coaching and employment assistance to students and active alumni from all academic disciplines. The primary mission of the office is to assist students in transitioning from the academic environment to the professional workplace.

The University encourages all students to participate in an experiential education activity prior to graduating and an internship or cooperative education (co-op) experience provides this opportunity. These professional practice programs offer an opportunity for students to integrate classroom learning with career-related work experience in both the public and private sector. Although many are paid positions, the primary value of an internship or cooperative education experience is the opportunity to clarify career goals, gain practical experience, and establish contacts with professional colleagues. Internships and co-ops are competitive and Career Services assists students from all majors in conducting an effective search. The office also provides ongoing support to students during the internship or co-op and facilitates documentation of the student’s experience.

To be eligible for participation in most co-op or internship opportunities, students must have a grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.0 and must have completed at least 32 credit hours. Transfer students must have attended the University for one full semester. Requirements for students from certain academic disciplines are more stringent, requiring that particular classes be completed before eligibility can be met.

The co-op program offers two distinctly different patterns of study and work: alternate and parallel. The alternate pattern requires students to alternate semesters of full-time work with semesters of full-time study. The parallel pattern offers part-time work experience over an extended period of time while students maintain a minimum academic load. Internships are of shorter duration than a co-op assignment and normally are completed near the end of a student’s college tenure. Because each program option benefits each student differently, programs are individually tailored to meet student and employer needs.

Upon admittance to the University, undergraduates seeking employment may receive job referrals to both on- and off-campus positions through the Job Locator Service. Part-time jobs and summer employment opportunities listed with this office allow all students, regardless of financial need, to earn money to support their education.

Students who have completed, or who will be completing, a degree program within the next calendar year are advised to meet with a Career Services and Placement professional for assistance with job search strategy. There is a professional staff member dedicated to working with each of the University’s colleges. In addition, workshops emphasize the identification of individual marketable skills and assist with resume development, interview preparation, employer networking, and general job search strategy.

Students and graduates are strongly encouraged to use their account in Eagle Career Launch, the online job listing and recruiting system exclusively for USI students and graduates. All students have an active account once they are admitted to the University and are advised to routinely use the system, as well as store up-to-date resumes in their accounts. All opportunities, including part-time, summer, co-op, internships, and full-time professional positions are listed in Eagle Career Launch and include positions with local, regional, and national employers.

Career Services and Placement serves a vital employer relations role for the University by maintaining an extensive database of contacts, routinely meeting and communicating with employers, and planning and facilitating events such as career and job fairs and networking events for students and employers.

Career Services and Placement maintains an extensive web site of career and job resources including job listings, a virtual practice interview program, and general information about careers and jobs. A career resource library in the office contains printed materials covering such diverse topics as career and occupational information, job search techniques, and recruiting events. Computers also are available for resume writing and job research activities.

Information regarding the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), the entrance exam frequently required for admission to graduate programs, may be obtained by contacting Career Services and Placement or the Graduate Studies Office. Career Services also assists with personal statements for graduate school application, as well as practice with admission interviews.

Students at all levels of academic study, from freshmen through seniors and graduate students, are encouraged to meet with Career Services and Placement and take advantage of the career, internship, and job search services provided. 

Center for Communal Studies

The Center for Communal Studies ( in the College of Liberal Arts is a research facility and international clearinghouse that assists classes, students, faculty, and visiting scholars with the subject of communal societies, intentional communities, and utopias. The center facilitates meetings, seminars, publications, and networking among scholars and communities.

The center coordinates its work with the extensive Communal Studies Collection in the Special Collections Department of Rice Library, which provides a rich base for undergraduate and graduate research.

The Center for Communal Studies Lecture Series brings noted scholars of communal societies and communitarians to share their knowledge and experience on campus. The center awards annual prizes to both an undergraduate and a graduate student who submits the best scholarly paper or project on a communal theme by January 15. 

Development Office

The Development Office is responsible for developing, coordinating, and implementing a comprehensive private fund-raising program for the University of Southern Indiana and its outreach programs under the auspices of the USI Foundation. The president of the University is the official spokesperson on all fundraising matters. The director of Development/president of USI Foundation, in concert with other administrative units, will assess University needs, identify possible private sources for funds to meet those needs, prepare plans for soliciting sector funds, and direct the personnel and financial resources available through the office toward obtaining resources to meet those needs.

One of the Development Office’s primary responsibilities is to provide staff assistance and guidance for the USI Foundation, founded in 1968 as the official gift-receiving agency of the University. As an Indiana not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, the USI Foundation promotes, receives, invests, and disburses gifts for the benefit of the University. 

Indiana University School of Medicine Evansville, on the campus of the University of Southern Indiana

The Evansville Campus of the Indiana University School of Medicine is a part of the Indiana Statewide Medical Education System, in which the regular medical curriculum of all four years is offered. Each student admitted to the Indiana University School of Medicine is assigned to one of nine campuses. Campus preference is honored as closely as possible.

Facilities for teaching and research include classrooms and teaching laboratories and faculty offices and research laboratories. The facilities are located on the third floor of the Health Professions Center. The curriculum consists of courses in gross and microscopic anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, microbiology, the patient-doctor relationship, and neurobiology in the first year and pharmacology, medical genetics, biostatistics, introduction to medicine, and general and systemic pathology in the second year.

With over 1,200 hospital beds in the region, students may complete third-year clerkships and fourth-year electives based in hospitals and clinical facilities. Disciplines are arranged in 16 week core blocks to foster a more dedicated interdisciplinary structure to patient care. Block 1 includes Internal Medicine/Neurology/Psychiatry.  Block 2 includes Family Medicine/ Pediatrics/elective.  Block 3 includes Ob/Gyn/Surgery/Surgical Subs.  In year four, there are only three required core clerkships; Emergency Medicine/Medicine Sub-I/Radiology. Students may wish to fulfill their competency requirements within these courses or in electives.

The University of Southern Indiana offers a joint Baccalaureate / Doctor of  Medicine Program which allows accepted applicants full tuition waiver for USI and provisional admission to the Indiana University School of Medicine Evansville program. Students entering the program will be independently accepted into the undergraduate program at the University of Southern Indiana and the medical degree program at Indiana University School of Medicine.

Additional information is available online at  Specific inquiries about the center programs may be addressed to the Office of the Dean, Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, Indiana 46202, or also may be made to the Director and Associate Dean, IUSM Evansville, on this campus. 

Division of Outreach and Engagement

Outreach and Engagement coordinates and supports outreach activities of the University. Its mission is to extend the resources of the University through education and training programs, assessment activities, consulting, applied research, service learning, and related services which assist in the educational, human resource, and economic development of southern Indiana. Components of Outreach and Engagement are:

Academic Services

Bachelor of General Studies Program – The Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) program is designed for working adults who want to complete a baccalaureate degree that builds on their previous education, training, and work experience. It requires completion of the standard 120 credit hours, including the Core Curriculum, but allows flexibility in program design. Call 812/464-1879 or go to for additional information.

USI Nearby – USI Nearby is an outreach program coordinating evening courses at off-campus locations that are convenient to students who live and work in Warrick County, eastside, and downtown locations. Current USI Nearby locations include Castle High School, the National Guard Armory, and Innovation Pointe. For maps and class schedules, go to or call 812/464-1879.

Center for Education Services & Partnerships – The Center for Education Services and Partnerships focuses on programs that involve schools and individuals in P-16 education. These include the College Achievement Program (CAP—see the following), STEM initiatives, Super Summer, and other public programs for children, parents, and teachers.College Achievement Program – The College Achievement Program provides an opportunity for high school juniors and seniors to earn dual high school/college credit in selected courses offered at participating high schools. USI faculty are involved as course liaisons and in facilitating training for high school faculty.

Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) – At the request of the Indiana Army National Guard, USI established an Army ROTC program in the fall semester of 2001. The program provides numerous opportunities for qualified students, most notably in the form of full tuition assistance for tuition and fees. The minor in Military Science offers qualified students an opportunity to obtain a commission as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army and to serve on active duty, in the Army Reserve, or the Army National Guard. Army ROTC scholarships and other incentives provide qualified students with outstanding financial assistance packages, covering virtually all costs for up to four years of college. The ROTC program is located in the lower level of the Education Center and may be reached at 812/461-5301.

Service Learning – Service Learning is an academic pedagogical approach to university education that incorporates community projects into courses. There are two equally important goals of service learning: enhancing student learning and providing a valuable service to the community. For a service learning project to be successful, both goals must be met simultaneously. Ideally, students learn what courses are intended to teach, supplementing classroom instruction with “real world” experience, while also contributing something valuable to the community. Typically, successful projects are done with community partners, where relationships are developed between an academic institution and a community group over time. Many projects are built into courses (academic service learning) but some are done by students in groups outside of the classroom (co-curricular service learning). All projects incorporate learning goals and reflection/assessment.

The Service Learning office can help faculty by:

  • providing information and resources regarding service learning
  • assisting with the training of students
  • assisting with logistics, such as transportation or delivery of material/students
  • assisting with preparation and duplication of reports
  • assisting with small financial needs
  • providing follow-up surveys and communication with partners/students

Call 812/465-1203 for more information.

Epi-Hab Center for Disability Studies – The Epi-Hab Center for Disability Studies was created by a grant from the former Epi-Hab of Evansville. The Center focuses on programs in the community, student scholarships, and faculty research. Public programs have included appearances by nationally known speakers and writers on disability issues as well as funding for faculty participation in disability-related conferences.

Individual, Business, Organizational, and Regional Development Services

The Division of Outreach and Engagement promotes and supports regional economic, social, and cultural development, as well as lifelong learning for individuals, through the following offices and departments.

  • Center for Applied Research and Economic Development – The Center for Applied Research and Economic Development works with businesses and organizations throughout the region to help leverage the intellectual capabilities of the university. The Center matches faculty, staff, and students with regional businesses and organizations to conduct research, consulting, and other applied projects, ranging from economic impact studies to new product development. This engagement will not only benefit the region, but also will help these individuals in their career development. Opportunities exist for individual faculty and student involvement, as well as class projects. Information is available at 812/461-5442.
  • Corporate Partnerships– Outreach and Engagement’s Corporate Partnerships provides full-service consulting and training focused on identifying businesses’ needs and locating the best resources to meet those needs, from across USI or across the country.  Moving beyond traditional training and consulting products, this office creates partnerships with businesses and identifies opportunities for businesses to work together, among similar or vastly difference sectors, to address challenges and unmet needs.  In addition, Corporate Partnerships develops site-specific and job-specific training to assist businesses in realizing target outcomes of productivity, profit, retention, and customer service.  Call 812/465-1629 for more information.
  • Continuing and Professional Education – Continuing and Professional Education manages off-campus credit courses at several sites in Southwestern Indiana (USI Nearby) and a wide variety of noncredit programs and services. There are more than 15,000 noncredit registrations annually in business and professional development and computer applications courses; specialized courses for health professionals; fitness; arts and leisure activities; programs for children and parents; personal interest areas including foreign languages; and conferences. Noteworthy management and employee development activities include the Management Diagnostic Center (MDC), certified DDI leadership courses, and on-site and customized programs for employers in most business, professional, and technical areas. Information is available at 812/465-1117.

Many professions, including but not limited to healthcare, social work, and accounting, require annual continuing education hours which may be earned through selected courses and seminars. The University maintains a permanent file of all continuing education hours granted.

Conferences and seminars are held throughout the year. The staff is available to help organizations assess needs and plan, develop, and conduct programs on campus or at other facilities.  Call 812/464-1864 for more information.

  • USI-Crane NSWC Partnership – This partnership exists to benefit USI students and faculty, Crane NSWC, and the economy of the region.  Facets of the partnership include internships, technology transfer, intellectual property development, and STEM services and activities for grades K-12.
  • Higher Education Partner, Innovation Pointe – USI is the Higher Education Partner in the Certified Technology Park centered at Innovation Pointe in downtown Evansville.  Services provided include support and coaching for Innovation Pointe clients, facilitation services for businesses and organizations, and credit and noncredit courses.  In addition, an outstanding space for facilitated planning and working sessions is available to Outreach and Engagement clients.  Call 812/492-4394 for details.
  • Connect with Southern Indiana – Connect with Southern Indiana received start-up funding from the Lilly Endowment to boost Indiana’s retention of intellectual capital. At the heart of the program is strengthening critical thinking and promoting active citizenship. Participants expand their opportunities for creating new connections: with other residents, with local and regional organizations, between communities, and between USI and the region. These connections are designed to transcend traditional boundaries of towns and counties, occupation, and demography. Participation in Connect with Southern Indiana provides invaluable, tangible skills, including the opportunity to meet others from the region with similar concerns and interests, identify areas for collaborative problem-solving, meet business and civic leaders, while developing critical thinking skills. USI faculty and staff are encouraged to apply.  Call 812/465-1629 for more information.
  • Grant Research and Development – A professional grant researcher/writer is available in the Division of Outreach and Engagement to assist in seeking funding for USI outreach projects. Faculty interested in working with Outreach and Engagement on such programs should call 812/464-1829 for more information.
  • Historic New Harmony – Since 1985, USI’s Historic New Harmony has facilitated cultural and educational programs related to New Harmony’s important historic resources.  In cooperation with Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites, USI maintains several properties within the National Historic Landmark District and the National Register District, as well as an extensive collection of artifacts and the award-winning Atheneum which serves as New Harmony’s visitor center.  Tours of the sites are offered.  The many opportunities for faculty, staff, and student engagement include research projects, service learning, and professional and personal development retreats.  Art courses and exhibits are offered through the New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art (see below).
  • New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art – The New Harmony Gallery provides a not-for-profit, non-commercial exhibition space for current young and mid-career Midwestern artists and promotes discourse about and access to contemporary art for the general public.  Several exhibitions are opened each year and a consignment shop provides a year-round venue for artists to sell their work.
  • Historic Southern Indiana – Historic Southern Indiana seeks to identify, protect, enhance, and promote the historical, natural, and recreational resources of southern Indiana for the benefit of visitors and citizens alike. This heritage-based outreach program created in 1986 serves the 26 counties between US 50 on the north and the Ohio River on the south. Historic Southern Indiana provides students and faculty in all disciplines opportunities for applied research and professional enhancement in community and regional development, cultural and heritage tourism, interpretation and marketing, and K-12 educational projects.
  • Southern Indiana Japanese School – Designed for children of Japanese citizens working in the region, this program provides instruction in Japanese language, culture, and other selected disciplines on Saturdays and after the regular school day. 

Instructional Technology Services (ITS)

Instructional Technology Services provides technical presentation and communication resources to support the teaching and learning activities of the University community and its partners. ITS clients include USI faculty, staff, students, and partner institutions and organizations. The goals of ITS are to provide consultation, planning, and promotion for the effective use of new and existing technologies to support instruction; maintain high standards of service for its clients; deploy University technical resources effectively and appropriately; and collaborate with members of the campus community and other partners on technical issues and activities. For general information about any of the following ITS programs and services, visit or call 812/465-7182.

Audio-Visual Equipment – Instructional Technology Services provides audio-visual equipment to faculty and staff for classroom or other academic use. To avoid scheduling conflicts, 48-hour notice is strongly recommended for video and computer projection equipment and 24-hour notice for all other equipment. Some equipment items may be requested on a semester-loan basis. Equipment is ordered online at Technical support is available by calling 812/464-1838.

Blackboard Course Management Software – Instructional Technology Services operates and supports the Blackboard course management software that allows course materials and information to be shared on the Internet in a virtual classroom setting. Blackboard is an easy-to-use program for instructors to conduct course activities and distribute documents online such as syllabi, course handouts, video clips of lectures, guest speakers or demonstrations, PowerPoint presentations, send and receive student papers, post grades, generate class announcements or email messages, maintain a class calendar and tasks, generate online quizzes, and manage their own course discussion board. Students can collaborate in online group workspace, create their own web pages, and meet classmates in their course chat rooms. USI Blackboard is accessed through MyUSI for enrolled USI students or at for non-USI students, continuing education students, community partners, and guests.

Computer and Multimedia Presentation – Instructional Technology Services deploys computer data projection equipment for faculty to support their classroom and professional activities. The department also can assist with scanning pictures, photos, and slides. A digital camera is available for checkout to faculty and staff for multimedia projects. CDROM authoring through Instructional Technology Services allows faculty an opportunity to store a wealth of notes, data, and images in a readily accessible and compact format for ready retrieval both in and out of the classroom.

Distance Education – USI Distance Education offers courses and programs via technology such as CD-ROM, Internet, videoconferencing, videotape, or other digital media. These technologies allow students to enroll in courses that better fit their time or travel needs. USI Distance Education operates a Learning Center to serve both faculty and students on and off campus. This office consults with public groups, other schools, and business and industry to develop a wide range of adult programs and continuing education, noncredit courses, certificate programs, and special programs for K-12 teachers and students including dual-credit college and high school courses. USI coordinates its distance education course offerings with other Indiana colleges and universities through the Indiana Partnership for Statewide Education and the Indiana College Network. The Indiana College Network provides information and assistance to students wishing to take distance education courses offered by USI and other institutions. Information about distance learning is available on the Internet at or by contacting Instructional Technology Services at 812/465-7182.

Faculty/Staff Training Lab and Testing Support – Instructional Technology Services provides eight multimedia computer workstations with a presentation screen for faculty/staff training purposes. These workstations allow users to copy or make their own CD-ROMS to meet instructional or training needs. Workstation software includes Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPointTM, Front Page for web design, Paint Shop Pro for photograph and electronic graphic editing, Respondus for test creation, SPSS, and Easy CD Creator. Any department, academic unit, or individual faculty or USI staff member may schedule the use of the lab and/or make arrangements for an ITS training facilitator. For groups larger than eight persons, training may be scheduled in the 14-workstation Outreach and Engagement Training Lab housed within the ITS complex. ITS also provides the Scantron automated test-scoring machine (assistance is available) and Scantron forms.

Instructional Design and Online Course Development –Instructional Technology Services provides instructional design assistance for faculty to incorporate technology into their courses and departmental curricula. Faculty members are invited to make appointments with ITS instructional design staff to discuss individual course needs. ITS partners with the USI Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence to host presentations, symposia, and workshops as well as the Institute for Online Teaching and Learning, an intensive training program for faculty developing online courses.

Production Services – Instructional Technology Services provides a variety of media production capabilities for academic and University-related activities. Assistance is available in the development and design of instructional media including audio and video production, multimedia presentations including transparencies, slides, and MS PowerPoint™, CDROM creation, web page design, and videoconferencing. Image and slide scanning services also are available.

Videoconferencing Services – The University uses videoconferencing technology to deliver courses and programs and to facilitate meetings where participants are in two or more locations. Videoconferencing services are available to faculty and staff as well as external groups and individuals. The technology offers faculty and students a cost-effective way to meet with a variety of experts and peers in cities across the globe. In most instances, participants see and hear each other on television monitors. ITS staff can connect meeting participants by satellite television, ISDN, and IP video. The department equips and maintains distance learning classrooms and other multi-purpose videoconferencing rooms and coordinates programs broadcast through IHETS, the Indiana Higher Education Telecommunications System.

Video Rentals – Instructional Technology Services maintains a videotape catalog collection to assist faculty in locating instructional materials. Due to increased videotape use and equipment availability, many titles formerly available only on film now are offered in videotape formats. Videotape rentals are provided at no charge to the user for all scheduled classes. Rental requests should be received by Instructional Technology Services at least six weeks prior to presentation date to assure availability. 

Food Service

The University food service, managed by Sodexo Services, operates in the University Center with seating in the Eagle’s Nest, University Center East and Loft dining room. The Eagles Nest is home to Sub Connection, Burger King, and Archie’s Pizzeria. The University Center East hosts Cyclone Salads which features bountiful veggie options, paninis, a variety of soups, and baked potatoes  and Salsa Rico, a Baja Pacific fresh Mexican grill.The Loft, located on the second floor of the University Center West, serves a wide variety of home-style lunch and dinner items seven days a week, breakfast Monday through Friday, and brunch on the weekends during the fall and spring semesters. The Sweets Spot Bakery is located next to the Loft and features freshly baked pastries, donuts, cakes, cookies, gourmet coffee creations and more!

Students and staff on tight schedules or in classes in other buildings on campus can purchase bottled beverages, coffee, a variety of fresh-baked goods, salads, and sandwiches, and other convenience food items at Simply To Go in the Health Professions Center and in the main lobby of the Liberal Arts Center. Starbucks is located on the first floor of Rice Library.

Munch Money and Dining Dollars can be used to purchase Starbucks merchandise.

Inside of the Wright Administration building, formerly known as the “Canteen”, is the renowned frozen yogurt chain, Red Mango.  Our award-winning frozen yogurt has it all – calcium, protein, and live and active cultures that are good for you.  Unlike other desserts that contain artificial ingredients or excessive calories.  Red Mango frozen yogurt is all natural, nonfat or lowfat, kosher and certified gluten-free. 

A full-service convenience store, the Eagle Xpress, is located near the McDonald Apartments, offering standard convenience store services, as well as Archie’s Pizzeria with pizza delivery. Munch Money and Dining Dollars can be used for groceries, Archie’s Pizzeria items, and all other merchandise, such as USI apparel.

Catering services for University-sponsored events on or off campus are available. For more information contact the Catering Services manager at 812/465-1652. Also, contact Catering Services for concessions participation for your club or group.

For a complete description of services, weekly menus for The Loft, ongoing promotions or specials, and employment opportunities, visit our web site at Also, text USI to 82257 to register for MyDtxt to receive promotional information sent directly to your cell phone. 

Library Services

The David L. Rice Library supports and extends the academic programs of the University by providing research and instructional materials as well as recreational and general interest materials. During fall and spring semesters the library is open 102 hours a week, including evening and weekend hours. When the library building is closed,  the online catalog, and hundreds of  web pages - selected and organized to assist in finding high-quality information on a variety of topics - remain available through the library’s web site, Remote web access to electronic books and databases  is available  for currently-enrolled students and currently-employed faculty and staff members. The web site is the most up-to-date source for library hours, special notices, services, and staff contact numbers.

The building  has four floors, with  substantial student study space with comfortable seating  in a variety of configurations; three reading rooms; 30 group study rooms; and two computer labs for instruction and student use. Additionally, the building provides classrooms on the lower level and casual seating in the coffee shop area. Wireless access is available throughout the building; in addition to computer workstations, students may check out laptops and tablets.

The library’s collection of over 375,000 volumes is available in open stacks, providing easy access to most resources. Approximately 4,000 books are added each year, along with electronic resources, audio-visual materials, and other formats. Reference librarians provide assistance in identifying, locating, and evaluating resources in many formats  at the Reference Desk during most open hours. In addition to in-person visits, users may contact the library’s Reference staff by telephone, email, chat, or text; contact  information is  listed on the web site.

The library provides access to over 35,000 full-text journals via the web and receives over 2,000 print periodicals and newspapers. Electronic resources are accessible within the library, from other computers on campus, and remotely to authorized users. Microform coverage ranges from recent government reports to 1850s newspapers. Digital microform reader/printers are located on the main level, as are photocopiers  and printers . A  recreational reading area is located on the entry level near the media collection, which is made up of music CDs, audio books, and DVDs.

University Archives and Special Collections, located on the third floor, preserves materials about the University’s history  and houses distinctive collections. One such collection is communal societies, with substantial information on historic and contemporary intentional communities. Another major collection includes thousands of photographs documenting Southern Indiana from the late 1800s.  Images and documents from this collection and others are being digitized for online discovery and use, viewable at USI is also a partial federal government depository library. Government documents cover a wide variety of subjects, from career information to the environment and consumer guidance; most of the paper documents are interfiled with the library’s other collections. Children’s books - used by education majors but  available for checkout by anyone  - are housed on the  fourth floor.

The library’s integrated online system is Ex Libris’ Voyager, a system used by hundreds of academic libraries. This system is used for ordering, receiving, cataloging, and checking out materials, as well as for identifying the library’s holdings. By connecting to other systems, the library is able to use shared cataloging records from OCLC WorldCat, an  international bibliographic utility with over  1.9 billion records.  The library provides interlibrary loan service, and borrows  items from  libraries all over the world. Special software is used to enhance and expedite the interlibrary loan process, including speedy desktop delivery of journal articles and book chapters. Eligible USI students, faculty and staff members may submit online requests via the library’s web site.

Students, faculty, staff members, and community users  may check out library materials. The library user may search the online catalog by author, title, keyword, or subject, and identify an item’s location and availability. If an item is already checked out by someone else, a hold may be placed on that item and the user will be notified when it is returned. Users may renew books online,  unless an item is overdue or on hold for someone else.  Self checkout machines on each floor  speed the checkout process for books.

As the variety and complexity of information sources  has increased - along with the necessity for evaluating their worth - formal  research instruction has become even more essential. Instructors may schedule sessions customized to individual course needs  by contacting the Instructional Services librarian. Instruction is usually provided in  one of the library’s computer labs so that hands-on learning is possible.  Library staff members are available at the Reference and Checkout counters to provide assistance to library users. 

Office of News and Information Services

The News and Information Services Office develops, writes, and distributes official news releases to internal and external audiences to communicate the University’s academic activities, its service to the community, and the achievements of its students, faculty, staff, and alumni. The goal is to enhance USI’s position as a comprehensive educational institution.

University writers work with journalists to generate news coverage for USI, its faculty and students, and higher education in general. They also write stories for the USI web site to describe the programs, services, events, students, and alumni of the University.

This office reaches out to University offices to help with editorial development including consultation for pages on the USI web site. The office publishes USI Today, the online employee newsletter; USI Magazine; Speakers Bureau directory; and it maintains an experts listing of faculty and administrative staff.

Photojournalists take photographs and keep photo records of campus events and personalities for campus publications, the USI web site, and other promotional efforts.

The office publishes an Editor’s Manual on the web at The manual is a style book to assist writers in providing a consistent style when writing about the University and its people and programs. Staff members are available to write and edit copy for University marketing pieces, advertising, and content for the web. Contact the director at or 812/465-7050 for details of this service. 

Department of Publishing Services

Publishing Services functions as a full-service in-house agency, coordinating the development and production of all University publications. Magazines, brochures, posters, banners, signs, forms, booklets, stationery, business cards, and invitations are examples of items produced by Publishing Services for the University community. All publications, whether produced in house or outsourced by the Publishing Services office, must be reviewed and approved by the director for quality, content, University standards, logo/wordmark usage, and postal regulations. Any off-campus printing or copying must have prior authorization from the director of Publishing Services. Projects are initiated using the Publishing Services Requisition form in Outlook.

For assistance with publication planning, design, and printing, contact the Publishing Services office at 812/464-1954 or by email. Located in the Publishing Services Center on Clarke Lane near Reflection Lake, office hours are from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Turnaround Time – Turnaround time for a printing project should be discussed with the director or assistant director in the earliest part of the planning stage. Allowing realistic production time prevents delays in final product delivery. Four to eight weeks will cover most printing projects; however, each project is unique and schedules will vary based on specific requirements. Publishing Services will make every effort to accommodate emergency situations.

Graphic Design – Publications are designed by a professionally trained in-house staff using current state-of-the-art technology and design software. Pieces are produced with purpose, quality, and economy in mind. Projects are designed to meet USI graphic and editorial standards and benefit from thorough proofreading. Adherence to strict postal requirements is designed into mail pieces. Paper, ink color, publication size, and other details are established prior to proceeding with design and/or printing.

Printing and Bindery – Publishing Services’ in-plant reprographic facility offers a full range of services. A complete digital workflow is used for prepress print production work. The press area features one-color to four-color offset printing capability. A variety of bindery equipment, such as a guillotine-style cutter, folder, bookletmaker, stitcher, drill, and more, complete the production process.

Large Format – High-quality large-format printing capability permits on-campus production of large-format posters, banners, displays, and yard/boulevard signs. The printer is capable of outputting up to 44” in width on a continuous roll. Various materials are available. Foam core mounting, laminating, and sign mounting are available. Projects may be designed by the  department’s Graphic Design staff or the customer may send a file ready to print.

Environmental Graphics – Publishing Services provides job management, design, and vendor resources for specialty graphics targeted to outdoor audiences. Projects such as construction zone wraps, vehicle graphics, specialty displays, ball field graphics, pole banners, oversize banners, and many other types of outdoor marketing have become desirable in recent years. This office is the on-campus resource for projects of this type.

Copy Services – Publishing Services provides a centralized, staffed Copy Services Center. Large volume (more than 10 copies of each original), specialty photocopying, high-quality color copying, large format projects, and a full range of bindery services are offered through the Copy Services Center located in the Publishing Services Center. University offices can access Copy Services’ high-speed copier as a network printer device from each workstation, improving turnaround time and quality, as well as providing a 20 percent cost-per-copy savings. Instructions for network access can be obtained from Copy Services.

Copy projects are initiated using the Copy Services Request form in Outlook, or paper order (upon request). Walk-up service is available. Hours are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. The Copy Center is closed during winter break.

Copier Fleet Program - USI’s copier fleet is a centralized program that is managed by Publishing. All toner, paper, service, and the capital investment expenses are centralized in Publishing Services. Departments pay only for per-click usage. Copiers also are scanners and cost-efficient printers, limiting the need for individual printers. Some are designed to provide fax functions. 

The department copiers, both standard and color, are conveniently located throughout campus for faculty and staff and are activated by assigned codes. These copiers are networked, allowing approved department users to also access them from their desktops, benefiting from digital quality, convenience, and confidentiality. Designated student copiers are activated by coin or Eagle Access cards. Photocopier acquisition and maintenance contracts are managed by Publishing Services.

Variable Data Printing – The high-volume, high-speed copier in Copy Services features variable data printing capability to assist departments in producing custom letters or other forms of personalized communication from a digital database. At 120 copies per minute, and the utilization of Copy Services’ staff, this resource is preferable to desktop printers for this work. Variable data projects should be requisitioned using the Publishing Services Requisition form in Outlook. Early notice to Copy Services’ staff is recommended for scheduling.

Questions about photocopying and variable data printing should be directed to the Copy Services supervisor at extension 1889.

University Logo Usage - In addition to designing and producing high-quality print pieces, Publishing Services is responsible for logo management for the University. Employees and off-campus vendors are encouraged to review usage guidelines and download high resolution versions of the logos at to ensure the best quality and representation. Permission from the department’s director or assistant director is encouraged to be certain logo usage is permissible and high-quality versions are accessible

General guidelines, stock and custom products, and other useful information can be found at 

Office of Public Safety (Security and Parking)


The public safety officers are responsible for traffic control, preliminary emergency medical care, initial response to other emergencies on campus, security of physical assets and the safety of the University’s employees, students, and guests. They provide their services to the campus and student residences 24 hours a day, seven days a week, through the deployment of vehicle, foot and bicycle patrols.

The University of Southern Indiana strives to create and maintain a safe and secure environment on all properties the University owns, leases or manages for official activities. In order to be successful in providing the highest degree of safety and security on the campus and in the residences, it is important for the campus community to follow good safety and security practices. Students and employees are encouraged to know as much as possible about the frequency and type of security breaches which occur on University property. To that end, the University Office of Public Safety records and annually publishes statistics on crime and security matters, and the University provides timely warnings of crimes or incidents, which may be considered a threat to the University community. A copy of the annual statistical report can be requested from the Office of Public Safety.

Further, the Office of Public Safety takes a leadership role in campus safety by providing and encouraging the campus community to utilize its services which includes educational programs on campus safety, preventative patrols, crime prevention, and free escort services. The campus community is encouraged to report any suspicious/criminal behavior or threat. This type of activity can be reported either in person, telephone, through silent-witness email, or by using the emergency telephones. The emergency telephones, which are located throughout campus and the residences, ring directly to the Public Safety Building.


Non-restricted parking in USI’s campus lots is available to commuters and visitors on a first-come, first-served basis. Campus lots have few restrictions, and those areas with restrictions are marked with appropriate signage.

O’Daniel South, O’Daniel North, McDonald West, and McDonald East campus apartments and Newman, Governors, O’Bannon, and Ruston residence halls have restricted parking. Parking spaces in campus apartments are reserved for residents of each neighborhood (O’Daniel, McDonald, and residence halls). Apartment residents are not permitted to park in campus lots between 6 a.m. and 3 p.m. on class days. Visitors to campus apartments must park in visitor areas only. Students living in residence halls are restricted to parking lots M & O, the last two rows of parking lot D, and the last row of parking lot E. All restricted parking areas are marked with appropriate signage.

Important Telephone Numbers



University Emergency Telephone




Office of Special Events and Scheduling Services

The Office of Special Events includes units responsible for Special Events, Conference and Meeting Planning, Scheduling Services and facility management for the University Center (UC).

Special Events produces major events on campus that are fundamental to the image of the University. These events emphasize University growth, recognition, and appreciation of the accomplishments of students, prospective students, faculty, and employees. Special Events is responsible for implementing functions hosted by the University president; events recognizing special friends, donors of the University, and governmental representatives; student academic honors convocations; USI Foundation meetings; and Board of Trustees meetings. Special Events plans fall and spring Commencement exercises, facility ground-breakings and ribbon cutting ceremonies, and employee recognition programs. Special Events markets USI as a summer conference site to student and professional organizations seeking meeting, recreational, sleeping, and dining facilities for multi-day conferences.

Conference and Meeting Planning develops and serves hundreds of programs in the University Center and on campus that emphasize student development, education, social and economic growth, and civil and cultural awareness for traditional college-age students, summer conference programs, and off-campus events sponsored by community groups. Additionally, Conference and Meeting Planning supports outreach programs of short duration presented by the University for non-credit college students in Southwestern Indiana. The objective of this group is to provide quality planning assistance plus room set-up accommodations, audio-visual equipment, and a high level of on-site support to these events.

Scheduling Services interfaces with student, faculty, administrative staff, and off-campus group meeting/event sponsors to reserve space on campus for their events. Scheduling specialists reserve the most appropriate space for each event based on location, anticipated attendance, and time of year and day. This group establishes reservations for and maintains the University’s master calendar of events to ensure continuity of traditional annual events on campus. This group also maintains an electronic software program to record all events and activities scheduled in campus buildings and on the grounds.

The majority of events are held in the University Center (UC). The UC plays a vital role in serving the on-campus meetings, activities and dining needs of students, faculty, staff, alumni, community and residents from the Tri-state area. In the management capacity of the University Center, the department’s goal is to consistently maintain the integrity and quality of the facility and furnishings to provide a convenient and pleasant environment for all activities.

The Office of Special Events and Scheduling Services maintains a calendar of major events scheduled in the Evansville community. When contemplating an event, sponsors may call this office to avoid scheduling conflicts.

For additional information, call the Office of Special Events at 812/464-1930. 

Veterans’ Support Services

Staff work with prospective and enrolled students who are veterans, servicepersons, dependents, survivors of veterans, and other eligible persons to keep them informed of available veterans education programs, including the G.I. Bill and the Yellow Ribbon Program. There are several educational assistance programs and the basic eligibility criteria usually vary from one to another.

This is the certifying office for the enrollment of persons training under the veterans’ programs. All veterans, servicepersons, dependents, and survivors of veterans, and anyone else who may be eligible for veterans’ assistance should contact this office. Students receiving Veterans Affairs education benefits must make contact with this office each semester to begin or continue their certification of enrollment process to the Veterans Affairs Regional Office.

Staff provide outreach, counseling, and academic assistance referral for veterans and servicepersons throughout the academic year.

This office also evaluates, as per the American Council on Education’s recommendations, military experience for University credit. Those wishing to have their military experiences evaluated for possible University credit should contact Veterans’ Support Services at 812/464-1857 for required documentation and requirements.