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2019 Summer Class Schedule 
2019 Summer Class Schedule [ARCHIVED PUBLICATION]

Class List

The fall schedule is published in early March of each year; the spring and summer schedules are published in early October of each year. The University reserves the right to make changes in the class offerings or assigned instructors after this time.

How to search the Class List

USI students and faculty can search course offerings by logging into myUSI with their username and password, opening Self Service, and selecting Look Up Classes from the menu.  For users without myUSI access, an online class schedule search allows guests to view the class list and current seat availability.

myUSI will always reflect the current class list, including any sections that may have been added since the schedule was initially released, changes in instructor assignments, room assignments, and real-time seat availability.

Advanced search options allow users to refine their search by combining one or more criteria, including:

  • Subject 1 • Part Of Term (course length)
  • Course number 2 • Attribute type (UCC or Core 39 category)
  • Title (keyword search) • Meeting days (MWF, TR, etc)
  • Campus (Main, Distance Education, Off-Campus) • Meeting times 3

1 To select more than one subject at a time, hold the Control key down while clicking/highlighting the desired subjects. To select all subjects from the list, click/highlight the first subject, use the scroll bar to scroll to the bottom of the list, then hold the Shift key down while clicking on the last subject (all subjects will be highlighted).

2 To search by a specific course number, enter the full course number (such as 201). To select all courses that begin with a certain number, use only the single digit (entering a 3 will display 300-level courses).

3 The start time and end time fields can be combined to narrow your search. To view courses between 11:00 and 2:00, select a start time of 11:00 am and an end time of 2:00 pm. To view courses that start at 3:00 or later, select a start time of 3:00 pm but no end time.

Search results

After completing a search, any sections that match the search criteria will be displayed. The search results will show the following information: the five-digit Course Reference Number (CRN) used for registration, course ID (subject, course number, section number), campus code, credit hours, course title, days, times, maximum enrollment (Cap), actual number of students currently enrolled (Act), seats remaining (Rem), waitlist cap (if a section offers a waitlist, the WL Cap will be greater than zero), actual number of students currently on the waitlist (WL Act), instructor name, start date and end date, building and room number, and any attributes.

Clicking on a CRN (a hyperlink) shows the section listing. Then clicking on the course title/link will display detailed class information, including any applicable pre-requisites, registration restrictions, and lab/special fees (including the dollar amount).


Section number codes

.301 First Summer course (including cross-term courses)
.401 Second Summer course (including cross-term courses)
.501 Third Summer course
.HS1 Honors stand-alone section (honors only)
.H01 Honors cross-listed section (mixed enrollment)
.NO1 Online learning, Internet only
.NC1 Online learning, Internet-based, some required classroom attendance
.AO1 Online learning, Internet only (Academic Partnership)
   Note: Online learning courses (sections .N** or .A**) may require proctored exam times. 

Day codes

M Monday F Friday
T Tuesday S Saturday
W      Wednesday    U Sunday
R     Thursday TBA    To Be Arranged - contact course instructor for details

Building key

AC Arts Center (formerly the Technology Center)
AE Applied Engineering Center
AR Arranged, contact course instructor for details
AS Art Studio
BE Business and Engineering Center
BW Off-C Broadway Recreational Complex, Broadway Ave. west of Schutte Rd., Evansville
CC Ceramics Center
CH Off-C Castle High School, Hwy 261, Newburgh
DG Course Disc Golf Course, Screaming Eagles Valley Complex, near parking lot F
DW Off-C Daniel Wertz Elementary School, 1701 S. Red Bank Rd., Evansville
ED Education Center
FA Forum Wing, Byron C. Wright Administration Building
FC Recreation and Fitness Center
FL Off-C Franklin Bowling Lanes, 1801 W. Franklin St., Evansville
GL Off-C Glenwood Middle School, 901 Sweetser Ave., Evansville
HE Off-C Helfrich Park Middle School, 2603 W. Maryland St., Evansville
HG Off-C Howell Park Par 3 Golf Course, 1101 S. Barker Ave., Evansville
HH Off-C Harrison High School, 211 Fielding Rd., Evansville
HP Health Professions Center
IP Off-C Innovation Pointe, 318 Main A
IS Off-C Indiana State University campus, Terre Haute, IN
LA Liberal Arts Center
LL Off-C Lighthouse Landing, Grand Rivers, KY
MC Off-C Methodist Temple Childcare, 2109 E. Lincoln Ave., Evansville
MR Off-C Marrs Elementary School, 9201 E. State Rt 62, Mt. Vernon
NG Off-C Indiana National Guard Armory, 3300 E. Division St., Evansville
OC Robert D. Orr Center
PA Physical Activities Center
PF USI Performance Center
PL Off-C New Palestine High School, 4485 Victory Dr., New Palestine, IN
RL David L. Rice Library
RU Ruston Hall
SC Science Center
SF Stone Family Center for Health Sciences
SI Off-C Southern Indiana Career and Technical Center, 1901 Lynch Rd., Evansville
TC Technology Center (renamed to AC - Arts Center as of Fall 2016)
TN Courts USI Tennis Courts, near parking lot C
TS Theatre Support Center
UC University Center
UT Off-C University Theatre, 3001 Igleheart Ave., Evansville
VJ Off-C Vincennes University Jasper Campus, 850 College Ave., Jasper, IN
WG Off-C WestGate at Crane Technology Park, 13598 E. WestGate Drive, Odon, IN

Other off-campus locations may be utilized from time to time.  To view a campus map, visit www.usi.edu/map.