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2017-2018 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED PUBLICATION]

2017-2018 Undergraduate Bulletin

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Purpose of the bulletin

The University of Southern Indiana bulletin is the official source of the university’s academic programs, courses, policies, and procedures.  The bulletin should be used as a guide in planning a course of study and in meeting requirements for graduation.  Select the search options at the upper left to find specific information or click on one of the navigation links.

The course offerings and requirements of the University of Southern Indiana are continually under examination and revision.  This bulletin is not intended to state contractual terms and should not be regarded as a contract between the student and the institution.

Current information about the university can be also be found at:

The University of Southern Indiana Homepage http://www.usi.edu
Undergraduate Admissions http://www.usi.edu/admission
Registrar http://www.usi.edu/registrar
Student Financial Assistance http://www.usi.edu/financial-aid
Bursar http://www.usi.edu/bursar/
Dean of Students Office http://www.usi.edu/deanofstudents
Graduate Studies http://www.usi.edu/graduatestudies/
Housing and Residence Life http://www.usi.edu/housing/

Please note that the University of Southern Indiana’s Student Rights and Responsibilities: A Code of Student Behavior is subject to change. The Dean of Students office will notify students by email prior to the beginning of each semester or as changes are adopted.

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The University, through appropriate processes, reserves the right to add, amend, or repeal programs, policies, procedures, regulations, fees, and announcements contained in this bulletin.

It is the policy of the University of Southern Indiana to be in full compliance with all federal and state non-discrimination and equal opportunity laws, orders, and regulations relating to race, sex, religion, disability, age, national origin, sexual orientation, or veteran status.

Questions or concerns should be directed to the director of Affirmative Action, USI Human Resources department, Room FA 166, University of Southern Indiana, 8600 University Boulevard, Evansville, Indiana 47712-3596 (Telephone: 812-464-1815). Office hours are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday—Friday.

The University of Southern Indiana is a tobacco-free campus.

Contact Information

This bulletin is designed to answer most questions which may be asked about the University of Southern Indiana. If further information is needed, inquiries may be addressed to the appropriate member of the faculty or officers of the University. Prospective students should write or telephone:

University of Southern Indiana
Undergraduate Admissions
8600 University Boulevard
Evansville, Indiana 47712-3597
Telephone: 812-464-1765
 or Toll Free: 800-467-1965 (option #1)
Office hours: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday—Friday
You can also visit us at www.usi.edu

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