Dec 03, 2021  
2013-2014 Undergradate & Graduate Bulletin 
2013-2014 Undergradate & Graduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED PUBLICATION]

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ARTE 396 - Materials and Methods in Elementary and Middle School Art Education

Credits: 3

Part A: Content. The course will emphasize historical and philosophical premises of art education; different approaches in the teaching of art; development of basic art skills; and understanding of developmental stages in children’s art works. The course examines in detail thematic understanding of written lesson plans as they apply to the state of Indiana academic and the discipline-based art education (DBAE) standards in teaching art in elementary and middle schools. Part B: Supervised Internal Clinical. Use of written lesson plans from Part A in an approved clinical experience. Prerequisite(s): ARTE 394 , open to art education K-12 majors and minors. Term(s) Offered (F=Fall, Sp=Spring, Su=Summer): F.

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