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2013-2014 Undergradate & Graduate Bulletin 
2013-2014 Undergradate & Graduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED PUBLICATION]

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CRIM 311 - Convict Criminology

Credits: 3

This course introduces the “Convict Criminology Perspective” as a means to educate students, prisoners, and general public. Convict Criminology is a new way of thinking about crime and corrections. Convict criminology is a developing field in critical criminology that “… consists primarily of essays and empirical research conducted and written by convicts or ex-convicts, on their way to completing or already in possession of a Ph.D. or by enlightened academics who critique existing literature, policies, and practices, thus contributing to a new perspective on criminology, criminal justice, corrections, and community corrections” (Ross and Richards, 2003, p. 6) Students will complete required readings, and develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills through interaction with the professor and other students in the classroom. This course provides students with opportunities to discuss course topics and material both in class and through email. Prerequisite(s): two of the following CJS courses: CRIM 234 , CRIM 244 , POLS 208 , SOC 225 .

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