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2013-2014 Undergradate & Graduate Bulletin 
2013-2014 Undergradate & Graduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED PUBLICATION]

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THTR 400 - Independent Study in Theatre Arts

Credits: 1-3

This course is designed to provide an opportunity for upper division communications/theatre majors and minors to research subject areas in the field of theatre arts.  A maximum of six hours may be taken; only three may be taken in any one semester.  NOTE:  Students who wish to take independent study courses in the theatre arts curriculum should be aware of the following points:  1) Only six hours of independent study may apply toward a major in Communications. 2) No more than three offerings of THTR 400 may be directed by the same instructor. 3) Students wishing to enroll in independent study courses must receive written permission from their instructors prior to registration. Prerequisite(s): 21 hourse of theatre arts, upper division status, and written consent of instructor.  Term(s) Offered (F=Fall, Sp=Spring, Su=Summer): F, Sp, Su.

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