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2020-2021 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED PUBLICATION]

Computer Information Systems Major, B.A./B.S.

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Romain College of Business  

61 hours (31 hours of Business Core + 30 hours of computer and business coursework)

The Computer Information Systems (CIS) major is designed to provide students with the business knowledge and technical skills needed to facilitate operational and strategic decisions of an organization.  Further, it prepares students to support organizations implementing computing solutions which address business problems through: enhancement, innovation, management, modification, or the automation of business processes.

The CIS major incorporates both theoretical and applied learning practices to instill in students both a knowledge base and a practical set of skills.  The curriculum incorporates competencies relevant to industry needs by including necessary topics like cybersecurity, data analytics, data management data storage design, network communications, and systems development.  The CIS curriculum is dynamically updated to ensure students can address evolving challenges in an ever-changing digital landscape.

Romain College of Business Degree Requirements

All baccalaureate degree candidates must successfully complete a minimum total of 120 credit hours. Students seeking a bachelor’s degree with a major from the Romain College of Business must complete a minimum of 56 hours of coursework offered outside the Romain College of Business; however, ECON 208 , ECON 209 , and ECON 241  are applied toward meeting this 56 hour requirement. Students majoring in accounting and professional services, business administration, computer information systems, finance, management, and marketing complete 55 to 62 hours of coursework divided into three segments:

  • 31 credit hours in core requirements taken by all business majors,
  • major field requirements totaling 24 to 33 hours, and
  • electives, as needed to total 120 hours

Business majors wishing to complete a second major must complete a minimum of 12 unique hours in the second major. A business major wishing to complete a second baccalaureate degree must complete a minimum of 30 semester hours in addition to those required for their first degree and must fulfill all requirements for the second degree. Transfer students must complete at least one-half of business coursework required for graduation in residence.

  • Business students must achieve a grade point average of at least 2.2 in the first 60 hours of coursework to enroll in upper division business courses.
  • Business students must achieve a grade point average of at least 2.0 in all required business coursework to be eligible for graduation.

Core 39 Requirements for Business Majors

All students must complete Core 39. Romain College of Business majors must complete specific courses in speech, mathematics, social behavior, global communities, and diversity to provide the necessary background in analytical tools and behavioral sciences upon which the advanced study of management is based. The Core 39 courses required for business majors are:

Required Core 39 Courses:



Foundations Composition/Speech CMST 101 - Introduction to Public Speaking   3
Foundations Mathematics MATH 215 - Survey of Calculus  or MATH 230 - Calculus I   3-4
Ways of Knowing-Social Inquiry ECON 208 - Principles of Microeconomics   3
Ways of Knowing-Moral & Ethical Reasoning PHIL 201 - Introduction to Ethics   3
BS Skills-Social Science PSY 201 - Introduction to Psychology   3
Embedded Experience-Global ECON 241 - Global Economic Issues   3
Embedded Experience-Diversity PHIL 201 - Introduction to Ethics   3
Embedded Experience-Writing BCOM 231 - Business Communication  AND 3
  MNGT 452 - Policy Formulation and Implementation   3

The following courses should be completed during the freshman and sophomore years:

(these courses are also found in Core 39) MATH 111 - College Algebra   4
  ECON 209 - Principles of Macroeconomics   3

Business Major Requirements (21-33 hours)

Specific upper-division course requirements for the various business majors are listed under each program. These upper-level major course requirements should be completed during the junior and senior years.

Computer Information Systems Major

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