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2014-2015 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2014-2015 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED PUBLICATION]

University Division


Shelly Blunt, Ph.D., Assistant Provost for Academic Affairs

Michael "Brody" Broshears, M.S., Director of University Division

The mission of University Division is to facilitate USI students' academic success by helping students build a solid foundation for their college careers. University Division coordinates a variety of academic programs and services, including academic support services for all USI students and academic advising for students without a declared major or classified as non-degree seeking, guest, high school agreement, or conditionally admitted. The Division comprises University Division Advising, Academic Skills, Disability Resources, Career Counseling, and Student Support Services. For additional information visit www.usi.edu/Uni_Div/index.asp.

University Division Advising

The mission of University Division Advising is to provide academic services that enhance the connection between students and the University. Students who are undecided about a major enroll temporarily in University Division instead of enrolling in an academic major. University Division academic advisors offer guidance to those uncertain about their educational, career, and lifelong goals. Located in Education Center Room 1142, advisors are available to students 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Call 812/465-1606.

Students are encouraged to declare an academic major as soon as possible. Students must declare a major before the first semester of their junior year. Transferring from University Division to an academic department can occur at any time during the exploratory period. However, some departments or programs may have additional requirements students must meet before declaration can be made.

Regular academic advising is particularly important for the long-term academic success of students currently exploring multiple career options. Therefore, all University Division students are required to see an academic advisor prior to registration each semester. Students in University Division receive specialized academic advising and are encouraged to participate in one or more career exploration experiences offered on campus. These services include individual career counseling through University Division Advisors, the GENS 111  Career Planning course, Career Cruising (an online career guidance and planning system), and other resources, i.e. -- Strong Interest Inventory (SII), personality types (MBTI) and Indiana Career Explorer (ICE).

Like all baccalaureate degree-seeking students, University Division students spend much of their first four semesters completing Core 39 courses, the nucleus of a liberal arts education. These courses help students become better problem solvers, better citizens, and more thoughtful human beings. These requirements and the special academic advice that University Division students receive establish a strong foundation for advanced study and encourage students to use their curiosity and enthusiasm to inquire into many realms of knowledge. University Division seeks to help students become more flexible, to see relationships among disciplines of study, and to develop the basis for lifelong learning and work.

Conditionally admitted students meet regularly with University Division advisors and take an academic support course (UNIV 101 - First Year Experience ) to help them make a successful transition from secondary education to university work.

Academic Skills

The mission of Academic Skills is to enhance student success and the educational process at USI by providing academic support services through classes and a variety of learning assistance programs. Located in the Education Center, Room 1111, office hours during the fall and spring semesters are Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Peer tutoring is available at no cost to students. Check with the department for current tutoring schedules.

Placement Testing

Academic Skills administers math, foreign language, reading, and writing placement tests. Any required placement testing must be completed prior to advising and registration. Photo identification is required to test. Appointments are not necessary but can be scheduled by contacting Academic Skills at 812/464-1743 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Students with disabilities requesting special accommodations must be registered with the Counseling Center, 812/464-1867, at least two weeks prior to scheduling an appointment for placement testing.

Math, reading, and writing placements are mandatory and GENS coursework should be completed by the end of the first year. Credit hours for all these courses count toward a student's full-time status, but not all of the classes offer academic credits. However, these courses save time, academic standing, and financial aid, all of which can be jeopardized if students try to advance to courses for which they are not prepared. For additional information on placement and testing, see page 12.


Academic Skills strives to provide the best services possible to help students succeed. Tutoring is available in a variety of subjects including accounting, biology, chemistry, economics, finance, geology, history, mathematics, modern languages, physics, psychology, sociology, study skills, and writing. All peer tutors complete a comprehensive training program. The mathematics, study skills, and writing tutors are all certified by the College Reading and Learning Association. No appointment is needed for most tutoring, although appointments are available with academic coaches and writing consultants. Students interested in becoming tutors should visit Academic Skills for more information.

Supplemental Instruction (SI)

SI is an academic support program that provides regularly scheduled, out-of-class review sessions to all students in a variety of courses. Facilitated by an SI leader (a student who has previously completed the course), the sessions provide an informal environment to review notes, discuss readings, and prepare for exams. By participating in SI study sessions, students can improve grades while learning effective study strategies that make efficient use of their study time, and, at the same time, make friends who also have strong academic goals.

Success Series Workshops

Success Series workshops are free 45-minute interactive workshops that focus on skills for mastering college-level course work and strategies for lifelong learning. Offered in the Education Center, Success Series workshops cover a wide variety of study strategies including note taking, test anxiety, time management, major/career exploration, and goal setting.

General Studies (GENS) Classes

University Division offers general studies (GENS) courses designed to prepare and enhance students' ability to meet the demands of college-level work.  Non-credit courses in Algebra Review (GENS 097), Strategies for Writers (GENS 098), and Skills For College Reading (GENS 099) prepare students by giving them the skills essential for success in college classes.  Academic Reading Strategies (GENS 151) is a three-hour elective credit course that helps students prepare for a university reading load.  Academic Skills also offers one-hour elective credit courses that help students get off to a sound academic start.

Office of Disability Resources (ODR)

ODR coordinates services and academic accommodations for USI students with disabilities to ensure equal access to facilities, programs, services and resources of the university.  Students with disabilities seeking accommodations (such as extra time on exams, accessible textbooks, note takers...) are encouraged to submit documentation of their disability to ODR at least 60 days prior to the date they will need accommodations.  If you are uncertain as to the documentation that may be needed please call 812-464-1961 or visit our website at www.usi.edu/disabilities.

The Office of Disability Resources is located in the Orr Center, room 095.  The office is open from 8-4:30pm Monday through Friday.

Student Support Services (SSS)

Student Support Services is one of the eight grant funded TRIO programs offered through the U.S. Department of Education.  At USI, the SSS Program will help motivate 140 eligible students to successfully complete their degree.  The SSS Program will provide students free comprehensive services through classroom instruction, academic skill development, academic assistance and career development, personal and financial aid counseling, and experiences designed to enhance the collegiate experience on USI's campus.

To receive assistance:  students must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents of the U.S. and

  • Meet a limited income criterion and/or,
  • Be a first generation college student (neither natural parent residing in the household with the student has a four-year college degree) or,
  • Have a documented learning or physical disability

Students must show academic need and also be willing to take full advantage of all support services offered by the program.  Student Support Services is located in ED 1142.  The office is open from 8-4:30pm Monday through Friday.  If you are interested in participating in the program and meet the eligibility requirements please contact 812/228-5087 for more information.


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