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2015 Summer Class Schedule 
2015 Summer Class Schedule [ARCHIVED PUBLICATION]

New Students

New Undergraduate Students

If you are a new USI student who has not previously attended the University, you must be admitted prior to enrolling in classes. The application for admission is available at To make the registration process as easy as possible, you should complete your application for admission by April 1, 2015. An application file may still be completed after this time, but you will be more likely to experience delays during registration. Completed application files must have the application for admission form, official transcripts, a $40 non-refundable application fee, and SAT or ACT scores. (If you have been out of high school for three or more years, contact an admission counselor to determine whether the SAT/ACT test is required). For questions regarding the application process, contact the Admission Office at 812-464-1765 or 800-467-1965 (option #1).

New Student Academic Placement and Testing

English – The Department of English has mandatory placement for all introductory writing courses (GENS098, ENG 100 and 101). Placement into an appropriate writing course is determined by a student’s high school rank percentile and Critical Reading and Writing SAT or equivalent ACT scores. Transfer students’ English placement will be based upon their transfer credit evaluation. 

To place into ENG 101, students must meet two of the following three criteria:

  • High School rank percentile of 51 percent or above
  • SAT Critical Reading score of 450 or above
  • SAT Writing score of 450 or above

Students who do not meet two of these criteria must write a placement exam prior to registering for their composition courses. 

In cases where students submit ACT scores instead of SAT scores, the equivalent ACT scores will be used. In cases where students submit both ACT and SAT scores, the scores that place the student in the higher course will be used. In cases where the student’s data is incomplete, the student will be required to write the placement exam. 

Reading – Reading placement is determined by a student’s SATR/ACTR score and/or transfer credit. Students who do not have an SATR/ACTR score, or who have fewer than 10 hours of transfer credit, will need to take the Reading placement test. Students may be exempt from a reading course based on the following information:

  • SAT Critical Reading score of at least 420
  • ACT Reading score of at least 17
  • Ten or more hours of transfer credit

Mathematics – All students who earn baccalaureate degrees from USI are required to complete the mathematics component of the University Core Curriculum. Placement testing procedures are designed to facilitate the transition from high school mathematics to college mathematics. These procedures are based on evidence that shows students who enter math courses at the proper level are more likely to succeed and complete their mathematics requirement(s) in the most expedient manner. 

New Students – All students who are not exempt from placement testing (see criteria below) are required to take the mathematics placement test prior to enrolling in a math course at USI. The placement test is designed to determine students’ readiness for college-level mathematics courses and to place students into classes where they can be successful. The placement test results will determine the level of entry-level math course that students will be allowed to take; therefore, it is extremely important that one’s best effort be given to this exam. 

Transfer Students – All students entering USI without transfer credit to satisfy the mathematics component of the University Core Curriculum must take the math placement test prior to enrolling in a math course. This includes students with associate degrees from other institutions. 

Nontraditional Students – Because students who enter courses at the proper level are more successful in college than students who take a course that is too easy or one that is too difficult, the Department of Mathematics requires that all nontraditional students take the placement test. Placement tests do not affect admission to the University; the results of the placement tests are used only to determine the appropriate entry-level math course. Starting in the right course will help you succeed academically, which ultimately will save you time and money. 

Exemptions from Placement Testing – Some students may be exempt from taking the math placement test based on the following:

  * Math SAT score of at least 640 or Math ACT score of at least 29
  * Math SAT score of at least 600 or Math ACT score of at least 26
         AND High School GPA of at least 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale)

With the assistance of an advisor, students who are exempt from placement testing may select the math course which best meets the requirements of his or her program of study.

World Languages and Cultures placement is recommended for students who studied French, German, Spanish, Japanese, or Latin in high school. The language placement test may allow those students to enroll in a course ranging from the second to the fifth semester of language study. Achieving a grade of B or better in the USI course in which they are placed, then completing a Departmental Credit form, earns credit for all preceding courses. Students requesting Japanese or Latin placement should contact the World Languages and Cultures Department (812-461-5203); French, German, and Spanish placement tests are given by Academic Skills (812-464-1743).

Placement Testing

  • Any required placement testing must be completed prior to advising and registration. Refer to the Orientation information for placement testing options in conjunction with an Orientation session. (
  • Your USI Student ID number and a photo ID are required to test.
  • Appointments can be scheduled by contacting Academic Skills (812-464-1743) between 8 a.m.– 4:30 p.m. central time, Monday through Friday. Walk-ins also are welcome until 2 p.m.
  • Students with disabilities requesting special accommodations must be registered with Disability Resources at least two weeks in advance of scheduling an appointment for placement testing. Contact Disability Resources at 812-464-1961 for more information.

For further details about academic placement and testing, visit or contact one of the following:

English–812-465-7128 or
Mathematics–812-465-1689 or
Modern and Classical Languages–812-461-5203 or
Academic Skills (general questions)–812-464-1743 or

New Student Orientation and Registration

As a new freshman or transfer student, you will be required to participate in an Orientation program to introduce you to life at USI. Participation is a prerequisite of registration. Through Orientation, you will become acquainted with the educational opportunities, facilities, and procedures at USI. After completing Orientation, you will work with an academic advisor who will assist you with course selection and registration for summer and fall classes. Refer to the fall schedule for on-campus Orientation dates. Those students planning to get an early start by enrolling in summer should select one of the earliest Orientation sessions; Student Development Programs can assist you with selecting an appropriate session. Transfer students who have completed 60 credit hours, adult students (over the age of 25), and students taking all of their courses through distance education have the option of completing orientation online. Learn more about Orientation by visiting; email; phone 812-465-7167 or 800-350-7830. 

New Graduate Students

You must be deemed eligible by the Graduate Studies Office and accepted for admission to a graduate program before you can enroll in graduate courses. The online application for admission to Graduate Studies and graduate program application information are available at Completed application files must include the application for graduate admission form, official transcripts in a sealed envelope from all undergraduate/graduate institutions attended, and a $40 non-refundable application fee. International students may be required to submit additional information.

Students wishing to enroll in both graduate and undergraduate courses in the same term must complete an application for graduate admission. Once admitted, you should enroll in the graduate course(s) before the undergraduate course(s).

Graduate Studies is located on the first floor of the Robert D. Orr Center, Rm. 1060; phone 812-465-7015.

Immunization Notice

All students entering the University for the first time and/or living in University housing must meet the immunization requirements of the University and Indiana Code 20–12–71 enacted by the 2002 Indiana General Assembly. To comply with the requirements, you must provide current documentation of the following immunizations:

  • two measles, one mumps, and one rubella (two MMR vaccines acceptable; first MMR must be given after 1967 and not before first birthday), or a physician’s written statement of immunity to measles and mumps due to having had the infection. Students born before January 1, 1957, are exempt from the MMR requirement.
  • tetanus/diphtheria (Td booster) within past 10 years – tetanus toxoid NOT ACCEPTABLE
  • tuberculin skin test (Mantoux only; must be administered and read in the United States) prior to the start of the first semester at USI, no earlier than six months prior for American citizens and six weeks prior for international students; must be read within 48–72 hours of administration; to be valid, needs the signature of doctor or nurse reading results
  • all students MUST read and sign the Meningococcal and Hepatitis B Risk Acknowledgement Form and return it with the Immunization Form in order to complete their file

For further information or for answers to questions, contact the Student Immunization Office at 812-461-5285. The documentation must be mailed, delivered, or faxed to the USI Student Immunization Office prior to the start of your first semester at USI; lower level of the Health Professions Center, Rm. 0102; fax 812-461-5284. Immunization requirements and a downloadable immunization form can be found at