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2015 Fall Class Schedule 
2015 Fall Class Schedule [ARCHIVED PUBLICATION]

Schedule Revisions and Withdrawal from the Semester/Term

If you wish to alter your original schedule, whether by personal incentive or by school directive, you must do so officially by the procedure outlined below. If you do not assume this responsibility, you may jeopardize your record with the possibility of incurring an ‘F’ in a course not properly dropped and/or not receiving credit in a course improperly added. Merely not attending a course does not automatically remove the course from your record. Students are responsible for their enrollment!  Effective fall 2006, enrolled students must take action to drop/withdraw themselves from any classes. The University no longer cancels students’ classes for failure to settle their account.

Transactions must be completed by 4:30 p.m. (Central Time) on the final day of any registration, schedule revision, withdrawal, or refund period.

NOTE: You may be administratively withdrawn from course(s) by the University for reasons including but not limited to the following: 1) lack of prerequisite, 2) excessive absences, 3) canceled class, 4) disciplinary action, 5) academic dismissal.


If you drop or withdraw from one or more full-term course through the first week of a fall/spring term, you will receive a 100 percent credit; during the second week, a 75 percent credit; during the third week of the term, a 50 percent credit; and during the fourth week, a 25 percent credit.* No refund will be made thereafter. Refund checks, if applicable, will be issued by the Bursar’s Office subsequent to the refund period (see the semester calendar for specific dates). Direct deposit of refunds is also available. Enroll through the Student Account section of myUSI or contact the Bursar’s Office with questions; 812-464-1842 or 800-467-1965 (option #4). *See note below regarding the refund schedule for courses that meet other than the full term.


After priority registration and through the first week of the semester (through August 28), students add or drop courses online via myUSI using the Add or Drop Classes function. Computer stations are also available in the Registrar’s Office for students who need assistance with the online schedule revision process.

Beginning the second week of the semester through 4:30 p.m. on the last business day before final exams (August 31-December 9), students may add and/or drop courses or withdraw from the semester in person at the Registrar’s Office by submitting a Schedule Revision form. NOTE: Only in exceptional circumstances will students be allowed to add a course after the first week of the semester.


The student is responsible for obtaining all required signature(s) before submitting the Schedule Revision form for processing.

all classes)
Drop (part
of schedule)
New freshmen and degree-seeking
undergraduates with fewer than
30 earned hours

Student and
Advisor or Dean

Advisor and
Advisor and
Undergraduates with 30 or more
earned hours, non-degree-seeking
students, and graduate students
Student and
Advisor or Dean
Student Instructor(s)
and student
  • Distance Learning students (those enrolled in a USI course with a section number beginning with an ‘N’) who are unable to visit campus to obtain the required signature(s) in person may obtain approval via email. The instructor/advisor/dean must send the email from their USI account and must include the student’s full name, student ID#, and relevant course IDs and CRNs they are approving the student to add and/or drop. The approval email(s) should be submitted along with the Schedule Revision form (or emailed to registrar@usi.edu). A Schedeule Revision form with the student’s signature is still required.


Classes dropped prior to the end of the 100 percent refund period will not be retained on the student’s academic transcript and no grade is recorded. Classes dropped via the Schedule Revision procedure beginning the second week of the semester through the ninth week of the semester (August 31-October 23)* will be dropped “without evaluation.” The dropped course(s) will be retained on the student’s academic transcript and the student will receive a grade of W for the dropped courses. Classes dropped via the Schedule Revision procedure during the 10th week of the semester through the last day of classes before final exam week (October 26-December 9)* will be dropped “with evaluation.” The dropped course(s) will be retained on the student’s academic transcript and the student will receive a grade of W if passing at the time the course is dropped. However, if failing at the time the course is dropped, the student may receive a grade of F. *See note below regarding the drop/refund schedule for courses that meet other than the standard length.

Financial Aid

If a student receives financial aid but is unsure of the impact a Schedule Revision will have on that financial aid, it is recommended that the student contact the Student Financial Assistance Office prior to the change. Students with a Stafford Loan must complete an exit counseling session when withdrawing from the semester. Failure to complete the exit counseling session will prevent the release of the student’s academic transcript.

Additional Steps (withdrawal from the semester)

If you live in University housing, contact the Residence Life office (O’Daniel North) to properly check out. If you have a meal plan, contact Food Services (UC lower level) to cancel your plan. If you owe money to the University, settle your account at the Cashier’s window (OC lower level); an unpaid balance will prevent the release of your academic transcript.

* Courses meeting other than the standard length have different drop/refund/grading dates. Check www.usi.edu/registrar/schedule-changes/refund-schedules or contact the Registrar’s Office for these dates; 812-464-1762 or 800-467-1965 (option #3). Online schedule revisions or withdrawals for special length courses can only be processed through the end of the course’s 100 percent refund period (but no later than the first week of the term, whichever comes first). Thereafter, students must submit a Schedule Revision form to the Registrar’s Office for processing.