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2023 Fall Class Schedule 
2023 Fall Class Schedule [ARCHIVED PUBLICATION]

Core 39 and the Core Transfer Library (CTL)

Core 39

An education at the University of Southern Indiana prepares students to lead and make positive contributions to our state and their communities, and to be lifetime learners in a diverse and global society. USI creates graduates that have the discipline-specific expertise required to enter the workforce along with the interdisciplinary intellectual tools necessary to not only adapt to an ever-changing social and labor landscape but to affect the trajectory of that change. The University Core Curriculum is at the center of this mission. Our core prepares a student to be a lifetime learner and part of an educated citizenry ready to solve the complex and interconnected challenges the future holds through courses in the broad traditions of the liberal arts and a common set of experiences that are integrated across the curriculum. In our core, students expand foundational skills in communication and critical thinking, explore how different fields create and use knowledge, broaden their viewpoints through the study of diverse and global perspectives, and refine their writing skills through writing intensive experiences.

Within Core 39, students will complete coursework from three broad categories:

  • Foundation Skills (14 hours)
  • Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science (13 hours)
  • Ways of Knowing (12 hours)

Students will also complete four Embedded Experience courses, which can come from Core 39, the major or minor, or elective coursework.

Visit www.usi.edu/core39 or speak with your academic advisor or the University Core Curriculum Director for the most recent information.

Core Transfer Library (CTL) Courses and Common Course Numbers

Indiana is working to help students transfer college credits more easily. TransferIN was developed as the state’s official source for course transfer information across campuses and institutions. Indiana’s Core Transfer Library (CTL) is a list of courses that will transfer among all Indiana public college and university campuses, assuming adequate grades. For more information, visit TransferIN.net.

Each public institution will map their unique course numbers to a common course numbering system. The current list of CTL courses at USI, along with the corresponding common course ID, is found here.

USI Course ID CTL Common
Course ID
  USI Course ID CTL Common
Course ID
  USI Course ID CTL Common
Course ID
ACCT201 IPO 1801   ENG 313 IEL 1260   MNGT141 IPO 1810
ACCT202 IPO 1802   FIN 208 IPO 1811   MUS 202 IFA 1330
ART 105 IFA 1320   FREN101 IWL 1901   PHIL101 ISH 1050
ART 201 IFA 1310   FREN102 IWL 1902   PHIL201 ISH 1051
BIOL105 ILS 1504   FREN203 IWL 1903   PHYS175 &
IPS 1751 &
IPS 1752
BIOL176 IHP 1402   FREN204 IWL 1904   PHYS205 &
IPS 1753 &
IPS 1754
BIOL272 ILS 1505   GEOG112 IPS 1730   POLS102 ISH 1002
CHEM107 IPS 1720   GERM101 IWL 1920   POLS271 ISH 1003
CHEM241 IPS 1723   GERM102 IWL 1921   PSY 201 ISH 1020
CHEM261 &
IPS 1721 &
IPS 1722
  GERM203 IWL 1922   PSY 261 ISH 1021
CIS 151 IPS 1740   GERM204 IWL 1923   PSY 273 ISH 1024
CMST101 ICM 1103   HIST101 ISH 1010   PSY 298 ISH 1022
CMST107 ICM 1101   HIST102 ISH 1011   PSY 322 ISH 1023
COMM192 ICM 1102   HP 115 IPO 1820   SOC 121 ISH 1060
ECON175 ISH 1040   HUM 221 IFA 1311   SOC 231 ISH 1061
ECON208 ISH 1042   HUM 222 IFA 1312   SPAN101 IWL 1910
ECON209 ISH 1041   HUM 241 IEL 1250   SPAN102 IWL 1911
EDUC203 IEL 1220   HUM 242 IEL 1251   SPAN203 IWL 1912
ENG 101 IEL 1240   KIN 282 IHP 1401   SPAN204 IWL 1913
ENG 105 IEL 1270   MATH111 IMA 1601   THTR101 IFA 1302
ENG 201 IEL 1241   MATH112 IMA 1608   THTR251 IFA 1301
ENG 210 IEL 1242   MATH215 IMA 1604      
ENG 303 IEL 1271   MATH235 IMA 1603