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2024-2025 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2024-2025 Undergraduate Bulletin

Fees and Expenses

All University fees and assessments are established by the USI Board of Trustees, who reserves the right to make necessary adjustments in academic and student services fees or residence charges at any future time. The fee schedule listed below is based on the 2023-2024 rates. The Board of Trustees will approve the 2024-2025 tuition and miscellaneous fees at the July 2024 board meeting. For the most up to date information, please visit www.usi.edu/bursar/tuition-fees.

2024-25 Mandatory Tuition and Fees

In-state undergraduate, online-only, and KY reciprocity students pay a total of $299.19 per credit hour. Non-resident undergraduate students pay a non-resident fee of $727.23 per credit hour. There may be additional fees assessed for courses with laboratory or studio requirements.

Students in the following academic programs will have additional program fee(s): Nursing (RN completion and BSN); Engineering; Computer Science; Health Informatics and Information Management; Respiratory Therapy; and Social Work.

University Services Fee. The University Services Fee funds expenditures in the areas of student publications, the O’Daniel Leadership Academy, and other student development programs. Students who register for eight or more credit hours per semester will be charged a $30 University Services Fee. Students who register for more than three and fewer than eight credit hours per semester will be charged $22.75. Students who register for three or fewer hours per semester will be charged a University Services Fee of $10.

Miscellaneous Fees

Audit Fee. There is a $50 audit fee for each course being audited, plus any applicable online learning fees and lab/special fees associated with each course. The audit student attends the class without participating in the recitation and without credit.

Application Fee. Students submitting an application for Undergraduate Admission must remit a $40 nonrefundable application fee.

Assessment Fee. An assessment fee of $150 is charged to all first-time registrants of the University. This gives students access to electronically store all of their course work in one area which will be accessible to them even after graduation.

Athletics Fee. A $120 fee based on the projected costs of transitioning from Division II to Division I athletics. This fee is assessed in fall and spring only.

Counseling Services Fee. A $65 fee is assessed to all undergraduate students enrolled in an on-campus course during the fall and spring semesters. This fee supports services offered by the Counseling Center.

Enrollment Fee. A $150 fee charged to all new students their first semester of attendance. 

Health Professions Insurance. A $20 fee is assessed to students enrolled in courses that involve course work with direct patient care.

Hybrid Course Fee. A $25 fee is assessed for each hybrid course. This fee supports the cost of the design, development, and implementation of innovative and engaging high-qualify hybrid leaning experiences.

Laboratory Fees. Charges ranging from $50 to $75 are made to all students who enroll in select courses. These charges and courses are identified at each registration period.

Matriculation Fee. First-time registrants will be assessed a matriculation fee. This fee will be used to fund expenditures in the areas of student orientation, welcome week, and various other student development programs. A first-time student enrollee will be charged $175.

Online Learning Non-resident Delivery Fee. A $50 per credit hour delivery fee is assessed for all non-resident students taking online learning courses.

Online Learning Fee. A $50 online learning fee is assessed for each online learning course. Online learning courses also may have additional fees that are course-specific.

Parking Fine. The Parking Office may assess fines for parking and traffic violations in accordance with University of Southern Indiana traffic regulations.

PLA Credit – Challenge Exam. Students attempting a departmentally-developed Challenge Exam for possible credit will be assessed a fee of $50 per credit hour.

PLA Credit – Professional Portfolio Fee. Students submitting a Professional Portfolio for possible credit will be assessed a fee of $50 per credit hour.

PLA Credit – Portfolio Review Fee. Students attempting a Portfolio Review for possible credit will be assessed a $250 fee.

Special Course Fee. Charges not exceeding $350 are assessed to students enrolled in certain courses involving unique costs. The amount of this fee will vary by course.

Student Activity Fee. All students enrolled in an on-campus course will be assessed a $100 per semester student activity fee. This fee is used to support the University Recreation and Fitness Center, Intramural Recreational Services, and various student programs.

Transportation and Parking Fee. All students who attend classes on campus will be assessed a $150 transportation and parking fee to fund the upkeep of campus roadways, parking lots, pedestrian sidewalks and paths, and the on-campus shuttle bus service.

Refund Policy

Fall and spring semesters: Students who drop one or more full-term courses during the first week of a semester will receive a 100 percent refund of fees; during the second week of a semester, a 75 percent refund; during the third week of a semester, a 50 percent refund; and during the fourth week of a semester, a 25 percent refund.* No refund will be made for courses dropped thereafter.

Summer sessions: Students who drop one more standard-length courses during the first two days will receive a 100 percent refund; during the third or fourth day, a 75 percent refund; during the fifth or sixth day, a 50 percent refund; and during the seventh or eighth day, a 25 percent refund.* No refund will be given for dropped courses thereafter.

*Courses meeting other than the standard length (including courses for online accelerated programs) have different drop/refund dates. Check www.usi.edu/registrar/schedule-changes/refund-schedules or contact the Registrar’s Office for these dates.

Billing and Payment

The Bursar’s Office publishes student billing statements on or around the first of every month. An email is sent notifying the student a billing statement is available to view in TouchNet. Students may view their account activity at any time, which reflects the current and most up-to-date balance. Payment due dates are based on the student’s registration period. Registration and payment due dates are published on the Bursar’s website and on the billing statement. Students must remit payment or enter into the University’s payment plan by the due date on the billing statement. To make a payment, log into MyUSI and click on the TouchNet icon. TouchNet accepts e-checks and credit/debit cards. There is no fee for eChecks or Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments. A 2.95 percent convenience fee will be assessed for all debit and credit card payments. The Bursar’s Office also accepts in person payments with cash, personal check, or money order.