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2013-2014 Undergradate & Graduate Bulletin 
2013-2014 Undergradate & Graduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED PUBLICATION]

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EDUC 201 - Growth and Development: Middle Childhood

Credits: 3

Examines the early and current theories of child development in the areas of physical/ motor, psychosocial (cultural influences), and cognitive/language/ literacy development of students ages seven to 12 years. Focuses on the integration of research findings and theories of growth and development in elementary school practice. Guided field experience required. Prerequisite(s): EDUC 196  (may be taken concurrently). Co-Requisite(s) (must be taken at same time as): EDUC 104  and scores on PRAXIS I. Term(s) Offered (F=Fall, Sp=Spring, Su=Summer): F, Sp.

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