Dec 03, 2021  
2013-2014 Undergradate & Graduate Bulletin 
2013-2014 Undergradate & Graduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED PUBLICATION]

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GEOL 480 - Undergraduate Teaching in Geology

Credits: 1-2

This course is designed to give practical experience to geology and earth-space science teaching majors in the classroom.  Duties involve preparation and set-up prior to class and answering student questions.  Design and administration of laboratory exercises, as well as grading where appropriate, will be components of this course.  A report of teaching activities will be required at the end of the semester. Prerequisite(s): Junior or senior standing in geology and consent of instructor. Repeatability: Students may apply a maximum of 4 hours from GEOL 460 GEOL 470 , and GEOL 480  toward the degree.

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