May 26, 2024  
2024-2025 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2024-2025 Undergraduate Bulletin
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IEP 094 - Intensive English Program-Reading

Credits: 1

This is a course for international students who do not meet the language requirement to be enrolled in the university. These reading classes teach students a variety of reading strategies from letters and sounds to reading longer texts of academic nature. The choice on which reading strategies to focus on each level depends on students’ level of proficiency. Lower levels focus mainly on building students’ vocabulary so as to aid comprehension of texts. As the students move up to higher levels, they are taught more complicated texts and higher-level reading skills, such as skimming, scanning, making inferences, analyzing genre and discourse features of texts. The kinds of texts used also vary depending on proficiency levels, ranging from short personal paragraphs to academic reading texts.

Co-Requisite(s) (must be taken at same time as): Course should be taken with the Writing, Academic skills with Grammar and Listening course in the same level and all courses should be passed in order to continue to the next level 

Repeatability: There are 6 levels in addition to occasional preparatory level which is offered if there is a need. Students may repeat the course up to 3 times if they do not pass the course or another course in the same level. 
Term(s) Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer

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