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2011-2013 Undergradate & Graduate Bulletin 
2011-2013 Undergradate & Graduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED PUBLICATION]

Division of Outreach and Engagement


Linda Cleek, MALS, Interim Dean

Lee Ann Wambach, M.S. Ed., Academic Program Manager/BGS Advisor

Bachelor of General Studies

The Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) degree program is designed to serve adult students (age 25 or older) who wish to pursue a broadly defined and/or individually designed baccalaureate program. BGS students will work closely with an advisor to design a program of study to meet individual educational and career objectives. The flexibility of the BGS degree will enable students to tailor educational experiences to meet personal goals, broaden their appreciation of the arts and sciences, enhance career skills and competencies, and increase career opportunities and choices.

Requirements for the degree

The degree program consists of 124 credit hours as defined below. Other general academic and program requirements include:

  • All University general admission requirements, academic policies, and academic standards for other baccalaureate degree programs apply to the BGS program.
  • All students seeking the degree Bachelor of General Studies must fulfill University Core Curriculum requirements as part of the required 124 hours. Core Curriculum requirements are listed elsewhere in this bulletin.
  • At least 30 of the 124 hours must be at the upper division (300-400) level.
  • A minimum of 30 hours of credit toward the degree must be earned at USI.
  • At least 21 hours of credit must be earned through coursework after the student has been admitted to the BGS program.
  • Students seeking admission to the BGS program should make application to the USI Admission Office. Following acceptance to the University, a second, separate application must be made to the BGS program. A personal interview is required prior to admission to the BGS program.
  • Up to six hours of credit may be earned through an occupational experience (BGS 490 – General Studies Internship). The internship must occur after admission to the program.
  • Individualized Studies Option: BGS students who select the individualized studies option will work closely with an advisor to design a program of study to meet individual educational and career objectives. This flexible program enables students to create their own “major,” utilizing courses from two or more academic disciplines. Previous hours earned at other institutions will be evaluated according to USI transfer policies.
  • Applied Studies Option: This option is for students who have completed a formal associate degree program or have considerable college credit.
  • Up to 64 hours may be transferred from associate degree programs, depending on the transferability of specific courses or programs. For technical degrees and/or certificates, credit may be awarded as a block (not a recognition of individual courses for transfer). The amount of credit awarded will be determined by the BGS committee, but may not exceed 45 hours.
  • A 30-hour interdisciplinary concentration must be selected from a list of approved programs. Those currently approved include information technology studies and organizational communication studies.

Information Technology Concentration (Inline Permalink)

Applied Studies Option for Graduates of Apprenticeships in Selected Building Trades

Through a partnership with the Indiana building trades apprenticeship and training programs and Ivy Tech Community College, the USI Bachelor of General Studies Program recognizes the technical training and the Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree as a significant milestone toward the bachelor’s degree. Prospective students who have completed an apprenticeship program in selected building trades and hold an AAS from Ivy Tech are eligible to pursue the Applied Studies option with a concentration in Technical Supervision and Leadership or Business Development. In addition to the required courses for one of the following concentrations, students must complete all USI Core Curriculum requirements even if meeting the requirements means the student graduates with more than 124 hours total. Students are encouraged to work closely with the BGS advisor to avoid duplication of coursework.

Technical Supervision and Leadership Concentration (Inline Permalink)

Business Development Concentration (Inline Permalink)

Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC)

The ROTC program builds students’ leadership expertise, communication and decision-making skills, as well as self-confidence, all of which can be applied immediately while still in college or upon graduation from college. The leadership and management skills taught in ROTC are in high demand in the civilian market as well as in the military.

Instruction and training given both in the classroom and at Army installations range from strategic studies to tactical exercises and include subjects from air-land battle doctrine to rappelling, marksmanship, military history, and operational considerations. New lieutenants have options for the job (branch) in which they will work. Educational delays may be requested for graduate school in medical fields and in law. All grades received for Military Science courses are included in cumulative grade point ratios.

For more information call 812/461-5304 or 812/461-5302.


Bachelor of General Studies