May 26, 2024  
2024-2025 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2024-2025 Undergraduate Bulletin

Early Childhood Education Major, B.A./B.S.

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The student who desires to become a licensed early childhood educator will complete the following minimum course of study that leads to a Bachelor of Science degree and the Indiana instructional license in the area of early childhood (P-3). A Bachelor of Arts degree may be earned when the appropriate amount of credit in a foreign language is earned.

Teaching Major Grade & GPA Requirement

Students completing a teaching major must earn at least a 2.75 cumulative GPA, a 2.75 major GPA, and a grade of C or better in all courses applied toward degree requirements.

Early Childhood Education University Core 39 Requirements BS: 41 credit hours/BA: 44 credit hours

Within USI’s Core 39, early childhood education majors are required to complete specific courses as indicated in the chart below to meet content requirements for licensure in early childhood education.

Foundations (14 hours)

Composition I ENG 101 - Rhetoric and Composition I: Literacy and the Self   3 hrs
Composition II ENG 201 - Rhetoric and Composition II: Literacy and the World   3 hrs
Communication Choose one of: 3 hrs
  CMST 101 - Introduction to Public Speaking  or  
  CMST 107 - Introduction to Interpersonal Communication    
Mathematics Any Core 39 approved Foundations Mathematics course 3 hrs
Physical Activity and Wellness KIN 192 - Concepts in Wellness and Fitness   1 hr
First Year Experience UNIV 101 - First Year Experience   1 hr

Civic and Cultural Awareness (13 hours) - 4 Categories of Ways of Knowing

Historical Inquiry Choose one of:  3 hrs
  HIST 101 - The United States to 1877  or  
  HIST 102 - The United States since 1877    
Scientific & Mathematical Inquiry MATH 203 - Mathematics for Elementary Teachers II   4 hrs
  (Note: MATH 103  is a prerequisite)  
Social Inquiry EDUC 221 - Diversity and Equity in Education   3 hrs
Creative & Aesthetic Expression
or World Languages & Culture
Choose one course from either category
(must be a unique prefix)
3 hrs

Bachelor’s Degree (Bachelor of Science: 14 hours; Bachelor of Arts: 17 hours)

World Language & Culture GEOG 330 - World Geography   3 hrs
Natural Science with Lab BIOL 108 - Biology for Educators  AND 4 hrs
  GEOL 108 - Earth-Space Science for Educators    
Natural Science with Lab CHEM 108 - Chemistry for Educators  AND 4 hrs
  PHYS 108 - Physics for Educators    
Social Science Social Science Elective 3 hrs
Students may pursue a BA degree by completing modern language courses (ARAB/CHIN/FREN/GERM/JPN/LATN/SPAN) 101, 102, 203, and 204. For the BA degree, the social science elective may be omitted. However, GEOG 330  and the 8 hours of science are still required.

Embedded Experiences (may be core, major and/or elective courses)

Diversity EDUC 221 - Diversity and Equity in Education    
Global GEOG 330 - World Geography    
Writing EDUC 221 - Diversity and Equity in Education   AND  
  EDUC 458 - Seminar in Professional Education    

Content Area Minor

The early childhood education major requires completion of a content area teaching minors. Any content area teaching minor approved by an advisor may fulfill this requirement. However, only the Reading - Teaching Minor  and Social Science Teaching Minor for Elementary Education or Junior High/Middle School  can be completed within 120 credit hours. Other available options that may exceed 120 credit hours include:

Check with your advisor for other possibilities.

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